Slotin, Abroms Take on Ossoff
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Slotin, Abroms Take on Ossoff

Jewish connections don't provide protection from criticism in the 6th District campaign's final days.

College Republicans offer Jon Ossoff an unfriendly welcome to Georgia Tech on Thursday.
College Republicans offer Jon Ossoff an unfriendly welcome to Georgia Tech on Thursday.

Heading into the final days of the race for Tom Price’s former congressional seat, Democratic frontrunner Jon Ossoff has become a natural target for his two fellow Jewish candidates, Democrat Ron Slotin and Republican David Abroms.

Slotin has led fellow Democrats Richard Keatley, Rebecca Quigg and Ragin Edwards in expressing frustration at the national party resources supporting Ossoff in Tuesday’s 18-candidate special election in the 6th District, which sweeps from East Cobb through North Fulton into North DeKalb.

Slotin, who served in the state Senate more than two decades ago, has made references in campaign videos to sending an adult to Washington — at 30, Ossoff is the youngest candidate on the ballot — and in his latest TV spot he emphasizes his lengthy résumé of results that have benefited the district, from the HOPE scholarship to the entertainment tax credit.

New TV AD Alert: Its Important We Elect Ron Slotin To Congress This Tuesday, April 18th. Ron Is Highly Qualified With A Real Resume Of Service To Our Community.

Posted by Ron Slotin on Friday, 14 April 2017

Abroms, meanwhile, released a statement Thursday that accuses Ossoff of twice backing out of a forum on liberal-leaning cable network MSNBC in which the two young Jewish candidates — Abroms is 33 — would show the different ways new-generation leaders are addressing issues in the age of President Donald Trump.

The Ossoff campaign denied to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution ever agreeing to the one-on-one appearance, but email exchanges provided by the Abroms campaign show that a representative of NBCUniversal claimed that Ossoff had said yes.

“Jon and I disagree on a wide variety of issues, but his inability to seriously discuss those issues in any meaningful way is more deeply concerning,” Abroms said.

While Abroms has failed to rise above the low single digits in polls as a result was excluded from one of the three Republican debates, the AJC reported that he could draw enough votes to quash Ossoff’s hopes of winning a majority Tuesday and thus avoiding a runoff that would pit the top two vote-getters June 20.

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