#ShowUpForShabbat #SolidarityShabbat

#ShowUpForShabbat #SolidarityShabbat

Together, we can rise above hatred and violence. #ShowUpForShabbat

Last Shabbat, we witnessed the deadliest act of anti-Semitism in North American history. This Shabbat, we respond with our greatest show of solidarity and we invite people of all faiths, from all across Greater Atlanta, to #ShowUpForShabbat. Together, we can rise above hatred and violence.

Friday and Saturday, November 2-3

#ShowUpForShabbat #SolidarityShabbat


#SolidarityShabbat is a national effort to honor the lives lost in Pittsburgh and come together as a community that will not be intimidated by hate. No matter what your background, you and your loved ones will find a warm welcome in our shuls. Invite a friend, bring your kids, ask a neighbor to come. It’s all about showing up!

Earlier this week, more than 90 Atlanta Jewish organizations and 45 interfaith organizations united with Pittsburgh and committed to combating bigotry. Now, we’re building upon this moment of communal strength. See you in synagogue!

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