Shana Tova u’metuka to All
OpinionsRosh Hashanah 5779

Shana Tova u’metuka to All

Mario Oves is president of Hebrew Order of David International, North America Governing Lodge.

Mario Oves
Mario Oves

The Hebrew Order of David International (HOD) is a non-denominational Jewish fraternal brotherhood that is committed to helping Jewish individuals and organizations around the world. We volunteer to perform community services, such as working with the William Breman Jewish Home, Jewish Family & Career Services, Habitat for Humanity, and planting trees in the community. Each HOD Lodge in Atlanta has its own activities although we all share the same principles. HOD promotes Jewish continuity and anti-assimilation as one of its pillars of the foundation.

HOD is active with Jewish Family & Career Services with the annual Rosh Hashanah Appeal, a project that collects thousands of dollars to benefit needy Atlantans who lack food and basic necessities to celebrate New Year festivities and meals.

This year HOD International collected funds to create a hair salon in Israel for Zichron Menachem to provide wigs to children in Jerusalem with cancer.

We continue to be the proud organizers of the Atlanta Kosher BBQ Festival, which began six years ago. The festival is preparing for its new home at City Springs outdoor venue in Sandy Springs on Oct. 21. This event is considered one of the premier Jewish festivals in Atlanta with the full support of the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta. In the past, crowds of more than 3,000 people gathered. We hope to surpass that mark with such a great location and accessibility to the Jewish community. Come and join us!

In our HOD town lodges, Magen David teamed with the Atlanta Scholars Kollel to bring together the 2018 networking event for the fourth consecutive year, on Sept. 5 at Sandy Springs City Center. It is a great opportunity to network with Jewish entrepreneurs and business people.

As the local brethren of HOD continues efforts to support the community, we wish you all a happy, healthy and fraternal New Year.

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