See Bonds’ Value in Infrastructure Projects
Israel Bonds

See Bonds’ Value in Infrastructure Projects

Jewish Atlantan Arlene Marcus explains why she buys Israel Bonds.

The Development Corporation of Israel/Israel Bonds, a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority member broker-dealer that underwrites securities issued by the state of Israel in the United States, ranks among Israel’s most valued economic and strategic resources, with a record of proven success spanning over 66 years.

Praised for its dependability, the bonds organization has helped build every sector of Israel’s economy.

Why do we invest in Israel Bonds?

Israel Bonds embodies the security of the Jewish people. I want to bond with Israel and play a part in the Diaspora of helping Jews worldwide in any way I can.

We are fortunate to have the state of Israel during our lifetime, knowing that we always can turn to Israel in times of trouble or joy.

My husband, Steve, and I are both proud to advocate investment in Israel Bonds because the program is global in scope. Proceeds from Israel Bonds have played a decisive role in Israel’s rapid evolution as a groundbreaking global leader in high tech, green tech and biotech.

Our way of helping the state of Israel is by investing in Israel Bonds. Investments can be made at many levels. Israel has never defaulted on any bond investment.

Arlene Marcus

The bonds are issued by the state of Israel. By investing in a bond, you become a partner with the state of Israel.

My husband and I were fortunate to be part of a leadership delegation to Israel to see where our investments were working. We saw the roads, bridges, schools and housing as part of our investment for our children, grandchildren and generations thereafter.

Israel’s neighbors on all sides of the country are a constant threat to its security. We must do all we can to support Israel and help the country stay strong, vibrant and healthy. Funds are raised to improve Israel’s infrastructure, thereby freeing money to be used for defense.

Israel Bonds’ investments help me do my part to support my ancestral homeland. On many trips to Israel, I have witnessed the road improvements, the water treatment facilities and the desalination plants. Work on the rapid rail line between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem was part of the agenda of infrastructure projects for our most recent visit in June.

Investing in Israel is easy. A bond can be purchased online, and a gift card can be printed. I have used bonds for b’nai mitzvah gifts, wedding gifts and many philanthropic causes (donations of Israel Bonds support Israel and important causes, thus serving as a double mitzvah).

A Mazel Tov Bond can be purchased for as little as $100, and online they start at $36. Other bonds can be bought in your IRA as part of your retirement portfolio.

The bond financing program provides significant funding for Israel at a relatively low cost to the investor. Israel Bonds are a safe and prudent investment that I hope you will consider. They are an investment with a proven record of success spanning over six decades. The Development Corporation for Israel was established in 1951 and is the broker and the underwriter for Israel Bonds.

Please join us and invest in Israel Bonds, which earn interest and are a safe investment in Israel’s future. Israel Bonds are recognized as part of the government’s debt, accounting for about a quarter of the debt issued by the Israeli government each year.

This is a part of a monthly series of columns in which Jewish Atlantans explain why they buy Israel Bonds.

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