Sara Talansky, 102, Atlanta

Sara Talansky, 102, Atlanta

Sara Talansky, age 102 and a half, passed away on Thur., July 3. She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. in 1912, where she grew up and married Charles, the love of her life. They moved to Canton, Ohio, and then to Atlanta, and later to Hallandale, Florida, where they lived until Charles’ death. At that time, Sara moved back to Atlanta and lived at The Renaissance on Peachtree. Her children Beverly Miller, Lenore Zisser, and Jerry Talansky, were very active in her life here. Her grandchildren Robert Miller, Brian Cohn, and Allison Cohn loved being with her whenever they could. Her great grandchildren Owen, Graham, and Finn Shoemaker, and Clark and Jessica Miller enjoyed spending as much time in her company as was possible since they all live outside of Atlanta. At The Renaissance, she was the primary organizer for all the card games in the building. If she was there, she wanted to be included, and if she couldn’t be, she was quite unhappy. It was tough beating Sara at cards. Bingo was her other passion, and losing wasn’t an option. If she lost, it was because of poor lighting over her head, a bad caller, or terrible cards.

Mealtime was an experience with Sara. If she didn’t send something back every meal, her experience wasn’t complete. Restaurants were a funny time too, because “I’m 102 and I can say anything I want to the server.” Sunday dinners were usually a family affair, and some members of the family occasionally found excuses to miss the meal. God forbid someone ordered a soft drink instead of making their own lemonade with water, lemon, and sweetener. Those times will be missed by all. Her passion was shopping, usually returning everything she bought. The usual haunts were any Dollar Store, any Target, any Walmart, but especially any Costco. Just give her a shopping cart to lean on and turn her loose. It was very difficult to find her because she was too short to see her over the tops of the aisles, so you would have to check every aisle, usually finding her at the food sample tables. Before leaving Costco, Sara always had a hotdog. It was a tradition which she upheld almost up to the day she died. Everyone who met Sara loved her immediately. She always had something nice to say about everyone. All of her children’s friends admired her and loved being with her. Her three caregivers, Dee Williams, Latonya Thomas and Tia Mann were her biggest cheering squad and she loved them all. The staff at The Renaissance was saddened to hear about Sara, because she was such a dynamo there.

We will all miss her. If you would like to remember Sara Talansky with a contribution, please send your request to Greenfield Hebrew Academy of Atlanta. Funeral arrangements by Dressler’s. Burial at Arlington Cemetery.

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