Ruach Atlanta Unveils Relay Logo

Ruach Atlanta Unveils Relay Logo


Relay for Life Ruach Atlanta unveils its logo.

Ruach Atlanta, the separate event formed by Atlanta’s Jewish community in partnership with the American Cancer Society Relay for Life, recently unveiled its logo.

The brainchild of Temple Beth Tikvah congregant and past president Sheryl Blechner, Ruach Atlanta was formed so that those observing Shabbat could participate in the iconic Relay for Life, the ACS’s flagship event. With the support of current TBT President Steve Gerson and Steering Committee member Esther Shultz and after months of diligent research and an official approval from ACS, the date was set: Oct. 14, 2012.

The logo takes inspiration from the ner tamid (“eternal flame”) and from the lessons of Rabbi Akiba. The rabbi taught that if the yod is removed from the Hebrew word for man, ish – spelled aleph, yod, shinaleph, shin or esh, meaning “fire,” remains.

Likewise, the Hebrew word for woman is ishah – spelled aleph, shin, heh, and if the heh is removed, again, esh remains.

Additionally, the torch or flame is used to refer to a valuable quality, principle or cause that needs to be protected and maintained. The fire inside each of us compels us to celebrate life, to remember our past and to fight back to ensure our future.

For information on creating a team and signing up for the inaugural Ruach Atlanta, visit

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