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Chana Shapiro asks community members what exciting activities filled their days during shelter-in-place.

Chana Shapiro is an educator, writer, editor and illustrator whose work has appeared in journals, newspapers and magazines. She is a regular contributor to the AJT.

Atlanta Jewish Times' Roving Reporter, Chana Shapiro.
Atlanta Jewish Times' Roving Reporter, Chana Shapiro.

The Atlanta Jewish Times loves writing about the diverse, creative and resourceful members of our community. However, we haven’t physically been out and about much lately. To remedy the situation, it was time to do a bit of virtual meandering, to discover what people have been up to. From planting a garden to giving music lessons al fresco, from mastering complex technology to getting a surprise while running a small camp, a lot has been happening. Here’s how six people answered the following question: Have you done anything interesting during the pandemic confinement?

Development consultant

I’ve miraculously learned to get in and out of Costco with only the things my mother puts on her list. In addition, I’ve been working on how to bake a danish, which is a yeasted coffee cake. The problem is that when I Googled “Danish recipes,” I typically got instructions on how to pickle herring and prepare other fine foods enjoyed by the residents of Denmark. At last, I think I finally found a good recipe!

Marx had a hard time finding an elusive coffee cake recipe.

Chief Lightbulb – strategic and creative director,

My business is strategy, branding and marketing communication, but getting strategic thinking across on a video call can be tricky. So I’ve worked around in-person meetings and now I present ideas and strategies online with new visuals and a “chalk-talk.” Thankfully the strategic processes I use can be charted visually. The visuals guide conversations with business prospects and clients, who are enthusiastic and say they “get it” even better now.

Alpert figured out how to improve his client connections by using innovative technology.

Nutritionist, plant-based chef, craft designer

Time spent at home during the pandemic allowed me to connect with my natural world. I have become very familiar with the flora and fauna of my little yard by attracting beneficial animals. We reduced trash by composting. I planted herbs, vegetables and flowers. What turned up? Insect pollinators, birds, snakes, anoles, and lots of squiggling worms. I love the smell of the earth while I dig and the feel of the sun while relaxing on the deck. I don’t feel trapped, but instead surrounded by nature.

Saul learned about the plants and animals in her own backyard garden.


(Following his career as a concert violinist and professor, Steiner now teaches select private students at his home.)

I moved outside, and by teaching in my carport, we have good air circulation and about 16 feet of teacher-to-student distance.

Steiner decided to move his violin lessons into the carport.








Levin moved beyond her known expertise to virtually present Horizon Theatre’s programs.

Digital content manager at Horizon Theatre Co.
Freelance actor/sound designer

I’ve learned technology that Horizon Theatre uses to develop and share content while our doors are closed. This includes livestreaming and its related software/hardware, video editing, basic animation, operating Zoom at advanced levels – for example, this year’s New South Young Playwright’s Festival went virtual – and line-producing a cooking show. Essentially, all of Horizon’s virtual content goes through me. In any slower time, I hope to learn more personally, rather than professionally. Maybe I’ll finally get a chance to read a book!

Atlanta Jewish Academy Senior

I ran a small sports camp for AJA seventh-graders. One day we were playing at a field when a really nice car pulled up. I had heard that famous football players go to that field to practice, one of whom is Mohamed Sanu, ex-Falcon and now Patriots star wide receiver. I instantly joked to my kids, “Look, it’s Mohamed Sanu!” My kids actually believed me, so they sprinted over, asking if he was Sanu. The athletes said “yes,” and we could watch them work out and play football. We watched and talked to the players for around 30 minutes and then took a picture with Mohamed Sanu.

Simmy Wilson and his campers were surprised to meet a famous football star. From left, Shai Kaiser-Blueth, Noam Glazer, Mohamed Sanu, Liav Cohen and Simmy Wilson.
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