Republican Primary: For Donald Trump

Republican Primary: For Donald Trump

This AJT column is part of a series giving a supporter of each of the remaining presidential candidates a chance to pitch the Jewish community on that candidate. Read the others here

By Mitchell Kaye

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright warned, in trying to help Hillary Clinton, “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” Most believe it is condescending, patronizing and an insult to our intelligence to expect support for any candidate based on gender, race or religion.

Clinton has enough problems. Over 100 FBI agents are investigating her use of private email servers containing highly classified and top-secret information. She should be indicted, unless you believe some individuals are simply “too big to jail.”

Clinton’s chief aide and longtime confidante, Huma Mahmood Abedin, comes from a family with extensive ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Bret Stephens of The Wall Street Journal said, “It worries me that Mrs. Clinton is so close to Sidney Blumenthal, whose son (Max) is a raving, psycho anti-Semite.” Clinton received intelligence briefings from these old friends; Max used to write for Al-Akhbar and recently wrote “The 51 Day War: Ruin and Resistance in Gaza.”

former state Rep. Mitchell Kaye is speaking for businessman Donald Trump. (Read his column here)
Former state Rep. Mitchell Kaye with Donald Trump.

Remember Yasser Arafat? He slept at the White House more than any other foreign leader during Bill’s administration. As King Solomon so wisely declared in Proverbs, “One who associates with fools will suffer harm.”

Unfortunately, historical bipartisan support for Israel is a thing of the past — almost never mentioned on the Democratic campaign trail or during debates. Neither are the words “radical Islamic terror.”

The problem with Bernie Sanders and liberalism is that by giving away everything for free, eventually you run out of other people’s money. We have a national debt exceeding $19 trillion, almost more accumulating during Barack Obama’s seven years than the first 233 years of our country. Unsustainable is an understatement.

Today more than ever, America is crying out for leadership — leadership not corrupted by lobbyists, special interest money and political elitists, all with a common interest in protecting their turf.

Donald Trump is a rich and successful businessman who doesn’t need anyone’s money. He can’t be bought, and he won’t sell out. He believes, and many agree, that our economic and political systems have failed — that the underlying rules of those systems have been rigged.

Trump has unique qualifications and is the best candidate to address the critical issues and challenges we face. His plain-talking (no political correctness), no-nonsense, common-sense approach to our problems is long overdue. No more apologizing for all of the world’s ills. Our allies must once again respect us while our enemies fear us. It’s time to make America great again.

Three important issues to be addressed by President Trump are stopping illegal immigration, growing the economy to create jobs, and protecting Americans from ISIS and Islamic terror.

The flow of illegal immigration will be significantly reduced by building a wall and enforcing current immigration law. This cancer, left unchecked, will destroy the fabric of our nation. A country without borders and no respect for the rule of law is a country no more. Even Immigration and Customs Enforcement admits there are Middle Eastern sleeper cells embedded in those who enter, increasing risks of domestic terrorism.

President Obama and the Democrats have politicized this issue, having all the votes in 2009-10 to pass reform but doing nothing. Politics over policy! Trump believes any immigration plan must improve jobs, wages and security for all Americans.

Illegal immigration floods the workforce of job seekers and depresses wage rates. Today almost 95 million Americans are not in the workforce, a participation rate at a 38-year low. Is it any wonder why Trump’s support in the black and Hispanic communities exceeds any Republican in recent memory?

Protecting and creating jobs are a cornerstone of the Trump agenda. Intertwined with immigration policy, this includes tax simplification and relief for individuals and business, less onerous regulatory policies, and discouraging corporate inversions to repatriate jobs and capital from overseas.

Trump will fight for free but fair trade to bring prosperity back to America. The goal is not protectionism but accountability — eliminating unlawful tariff and nontariff barriers (China) and globalist trade deals that have tilted the playing field to keep American companies out and have resulted in the offshoring of jobs. Two examples just last week: Air-conditioner manufacturer Carrier announced the move of 1,400 jobs to Mexico, while the Chicago Stock Exchange will be acquired by a Chinese firm. Trump’s plan will be “yuge” for American workers and businesses as jobs and factories stop moving offshore.

Fighting terrorism is a national security and public safety priority. Trump recognizes the threat from ISIS and doesn’t shrink from calling it “radical Islamic terror.” His multipronged strategy includes increasing our intelligence capabilities, employing enhanced interrogation techniques, attacking their oil and other economic assets, and allowing citizens to better exercise their Second Amendment right to self-defense so terrorists will not be the only ones armed (as in “gun-free zones”).

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