Recipe for Persian Charoset
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Recipe for Persian Charoset

Safa Nooromid shares her recipe for the Sephardic-style Passover staple.

You can expect to find Persian charoset on the Nooromid seder table.
You can expect to find Persian charoset on the Nooromid seder table.

Passover is one of Iranian Jewish nutritionist and founder of Nooromid Nutrition Consulting Group Safa Nooromid’s favorite Jewish holidays because of the traditions and memories she recalls practicing in Iran.

Every year Nooromid prepares a Persian rendition of charoset that uses ingredients commonly found in the Middle East, such as dates, raisins and pistachios. The ingredients help give the charoset its pastelike consistency, rich color and taste and are a main staple for many Sephardic dishes.

Nooromid’s charoset recipe is great twist for anyone eager to incorporate Middle Eastern flavors into a seder this year.

1 cup raisins
½ cup chopped walnuts
1 cup dates (soaked and pitted)
1 cup sesame seeds
½ cup unsalted almonds
½ unsalted pistachios
½ to 1 cup red wine

It is very important to chop and paste each item individually and to chop your dry ingredients first. Soak the pitted dates for several hours. Chop the almonds, walnuts and pistachios in the blender. Empty the blender, then chop the sesame seeds in the blender until they are pasty. Remove the sesame seeds, and repeat the process with the raisins in the blender until they are pasty. Finally, place the soaked dates in the blender and chop until pasty. Add all the chopped ingredients back to blender, add the red wine, and blend for a few minutes until they are mixed well. If your product is very thick, you can add more wine, grape juice, or water and blend to your desired consistency.

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