Rabbi Jake’s ‘Vol. 2’ Keeps Learning Fun
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Rabbi Jake’s ‘Vol. 2’ Keeps Learning Fun

The album is filling the demand for the underserved genre of Jewish kids’ music.

David R. Cohen

David R. Cohen is the former Associate Editor of the Atlanta Jewish Times. He is originally from Marietta, GA and studied Journalism at the University of Tennessee.

Rabbi Jake Czuper performs on his Chanukah tour in Fair Lawn, N.J.
Rabbi Jake Czuper performs on his Chanukah tour in Fair Lawn, N.J.

Atlanta-based educator and musician Rabbi Jake Czuper is back to teach your child the joys of being Jewish.

The native Atlantan and father of four has released his second album, “Rabbi Jake Vol. 2,” which imparts Jewish values through music in a fun, carefree way.

Since releasing “Rabbi Jake Vol. 1,” in 2015, Rabbi Jake has ridden its nationwide success to performances across the United States. He said he is filling the demand for the underserved genre of Jewish kids’ music.

“Most musicians are not so interested in the children’s genre, but I happen to enjoy entertaining kids,” Rabbi Jake said. “What makes my act unique is that kids come out learning and really inspired about Judaism.”

After a winter Chanukah tour in which Rabbi Jake played packed shows in the New York and New Jersey area, he is spending the summer performing at camps and doing occasional house concerts. He also recently performed at a PJ Library concert in Boca Raton, Fla., and said he continues to get calls nationwide to perform.

Recently he launched a monthly web series called “Rabbi Jake Magical Day,” which teaches the joys of Judaism through concert footage, singalongs, interviews and music videos.

“There’s not so much quality content out there teaching kids what I find to be the most important subjects in Judaism,” he said. “That is gratitude and really building a relationship to Judaism and G-d. It’s such a great opportunity to teach and entertain kids online with quality content.”

Rabbi Jake’s new album was produced by Atlantans David Schroeder and Johnny Friedlander and features 10 tracks. From the catchy opener, “The Kipa Song,” to the laid-back “Thank Hashem,” which takes lines from the morning prayer “Modeh Ani,” the album is full of educational and inspiring music.

Other tracks on the album, which is geared toward kids 12 and under, include “Ready for Shabbat 2.0,” “Let My Nation Go,” “Baby Moshe” and “Magical Day,” for which he named his monthly web series.

“It’s important to start young with teaching Jewish identity and pride,” he said. “Trying to teach a high school kid about these things is tough because later in life they don’t always feel it. When the kids are younger, it’s a great time to teach them about these things, and I’m very passionate about that.”

“Rabbi Jake Vol. 2” is available at Amazon, CD Baby, iTunes and Judaica shops.


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