Passion, Confidence and Inspiration
OpinionsRosh Hashanah 5779

Passion, Confidence and Inspiration

Shelia Dalmat is president of Hadassah Greater Atlanta.

Sheila Dalmat is the president of Hadassah Greater Atlanta.

Sheila Dalmat
Sheila Dalmat

Passion, confidence and inspiration answer the clarion call for the Jewish New Year. Passion for our values. Passion for our visions. Confidence in who we are as a Jewish people. Confidence in who we are as human beings. Inspiration to learn from our history and immediate past. Inspiration to reach for personal growth and personal development in the coming year.

The shofar calls us to action. With so many actions for improving the world, where does one start? Follow our passions, have confidence in our abilities, and inspire new and innovative ways to make a difference. Let me share two wonderful people and two programs whose stories serve as New Year’s inspirations.

Megan-Claire Chase is a breast cancer survivor and self-proclaimed warrior. She shares her story of thriving after cancer, reaches out to others through her award-winning blog, empowers others and herself to be their very best. In 2017, she was one of our survivor models who agreed to be painted as part of Hadassah Greater Atlanta’s Paint Day and preamble to Best Strokes Celebration of Life. Returning this year, she accepted the volunteer position of story master, embracing the sacred space created at Paint Day and giving voice to our new breast and ovarian survivor models so they, too, can share their stories, and be transformed and empowered to heal and thrive.

A passionate mother-turned-advocate, whose child was bullied, drove change in public school policy. She did not stop there. As a Hadassah member, she brought her mission for ensuring “no other mother experiences the same things she went through” to us. She served as a catalyst for championing a bullying awareness program. Working with two Hadassah groups, health professionals and Metulla, co-chairs and a steering committee have shaped an outstanding program featuring a dozen community resources and five subject experts who will help guests navigate the challenges of bullying prevention and intervention options. Did you know that in the U.S. bullying affects 22 percent of school age students, and 28 percent of students will be cyber-bullied during their lifetime? When you attend the program, “The New Age of Bullying: What You Need to Know” on Oct. 28, you will leave hopeful and empowered with tools and knowledge to help end this epidemic.

Hadassah Greater Atlanta encourages collaboration and innovation to achieve new and exciting strategies for growth. EVOLVE is a special interest group of young women (or young-at-heart women) who share “leadership, empowerment and vision” and embrace the Hadassah mission of health/wellness, advocacy and Zionism – all while having fun and DOing good deeds. Interested in meeting like-minded women? Ready for a new inspiration? Reach out and join EVOLVE.
Centennial Leadership Institute (CLI) and leadership development program has a proven curriculum, a cohort of like-minded women and a one-on-one mentor program that together offer the best practices and successes for you to achieve your very best in all you do. The lessons and hands-on experiences will empower you in leadership and confidence in all your endeavors. Interested? Ready for a new you? Reach out and apply to CLI.

L’shana tova. Wishing for you that 5779 is your very best year, inspired and empowered to be your best you for your family, community and the world.

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