Obituary: Sidney Buda

Obituary: Sidney Buda

Sidney Buda died March 22.

Sidney Buda, 88, of Alpharetta, died March 22. Sidney was born in London March 5, 1932, to Isaac and Fanny Buda. At the age of 15 his mother sent him to New York City to live so he could have a better future, as Europe was in such turmoil after the war.

It was in Atlantic City, N.J., that Sidney met the love of his life, Sheila, to whom he was married for 59 years. Sidney attended art school and eventually started his own business designing labels for food companies. Two of his most well-known designs were the genie on the Joyva halvah bar and the wrapper for the Wonder Bread company.

Sidney and Sheila moved to Alpharetta in 2010 to be closer to their son and his family. Sidney enjoyed having the time to paint, which was one of his passions. His favorite subjects were ships and seashores.

Sidney was predeceased by his wife Sheila. He is survived by his loving son Ian, daughter-in-law Bari, and grandson Alex.

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