New Device for Testing Cancer Tissue

New Device for Testing Cancer Tissue

Israelis continue to lead the medical testing field with advances in cancer tissue testing.

Smart Biopsy Device is a new product from Dune Medical.
Smart Biopsy Device is a new product from Dune Medical.

Dune Medical, an Israeli-owned medical device company in Alpharetta, produced a new device that will accelerate the timing of cancer biopsy results and improve accuracy, according to a company release.

The company released the first phase of a project to test percutaneous soft tissue taken from a biopsy. Using the Smart Biopsy Device, a surgeon will receive real-time analysis of tissue at the time of extraction by reading radio-frequency spectroscopy technology.

“This device ensures that the specimen core represents the most advanced stage of the disease at the time of the biopsy procedure, increasing the likelihood of an accurate diagnosis,” said CEO Lori Chmura. “The development of this Smart Biopsy Device substantiates the application of radio-frequency spectroscopy and establishes Dune as a leader in tissue characterization for cancer.”

The project represents an important step forward in the future development of Dune Medical’s multi-cancer applications.

“I think this tool will be valuable not only for me, but for the surgeon as well,” said Dr. Noemi Weisenberg, director of Nancy Reuben Comprehensive Breast Imaging Center at Meir Medical Center, who has tested the device. “In certain cases, the biopsy that the surgeon performs can be much more accurate if they can be sure that they’re taking the sample from the right place.”

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