How Much Do You Know About Higher Education?

How Much Do You Know About Higher Education?



The school year is halfway-over and high school students have begun the college application process.

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The Common Application changed their essay questions; no longer is there a topic of your choice. Georgia Tech joined the Common App and their applications should only make the competition even tougher. What is the scene today?

By taking a quiz, we can better illustrate what the landscape looks like this year. Garnering statistics from The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Almanac for 2013-2014, we will gather some information.

In addition, there are Jewish related questions regarding colleges.  Take the quiz and see how much you really know:

1. Which public college has the largest total number of students including undergraduate, full-time and part-time, graduate and undergraduate students?

2. Arizona State   B. Ohio State (main campus)   C.  U. of Florida   D.  U. of Texas.

3. Which Private non-profit doctoral college has the largest (all students) enrollment?     A.  Boston U.  B. Columbia U.   C.  New York University   D.  U. of Southern California.

4. Which is the fastest growing campus among the following private non-profit research institutions?  A.  Drexel U.   B.  Cornell U.   C.   Carnegie Mellon    D.  Vanderbilt.

5. Which state drew the most out-of-state freshmen in 2010?  A.  New York   B.  Massachusetts   C.  Ohio    D.  Pennsylvania.

5. The state that had the highest percentage of freshmen who attended college in their home state was which state?  A.  Georgia   B.  New York   C.  Mississippi   D.  Oklahoma.

6. Which factor was the least one that substantially influenced student’s choice of a major?   A. Academic interest or passion for topic   B.  Ability to find a job   C.  Parental or family influence   D.  Preparation for graduate or professional school.

7.   Which large four-year public college had the best graduation rate within 150 percent of normal time to earn a degree?  A.  College of William and Mary   B.  U. of Virginia   C.  U. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill   D.  U. of Michigan.

8.   Which of the following four-year private colleges has the best graduation rate (same percent as in 7)?   A.  Stanford   B.  U. of Pennsylvania   C.  Yale   D.  Duke.

9.   Politically, the highest percentage of freshmen enrolled in  universities throughout the country in fall of 2012 identified with what group?  A  Far left   B.  Liberal   C. Conservative   D.  Middle of the road.

10. Which college raised the most in private donations in 2012?  A.  Johns Hopkins   B.  Brown   C.  Vanderbilt   D.  U. of Chicago.

11.  Student membership in social-media sites was the lowest in what media?  A. Facebook   B. YouTube   C. Google   D.  Linkedin.

12. Which baccalaureate institution had the most foreign students in 2011-12?  A.  Mount Holyoke   B.  U. of Richmond   C.  Smith College   D. Middlebury.

13. Which of these colleges does not have a full kosher dining facility?  A.  Franklin and Marshall   B.  Dickinson   C.  Yale  D.  U. of Georgia?

14. Which of these college does not have a Jewish president?  A.  Muhlenberg   B. Bradley  C. Yale  D. Washington College (MD)?

15. The public college with the highest number of Jewish students is:  A.  Michigan  B. Indiana  C. Florida  D. Illinois

16. The private college with the highest percentage of Jewish students is:  A.   U. of Miami  B.  Drexel    C.  U. of Pennsylvania   D.  Northeastern?

17. Which state does not have a Jewish studies program at a public institution? A. Indiana  B.  Georgia  C.  Texas  D.  Oklahoma?

18. What state withdrew from the Academic Common Market and had a Jewish studies major?  A. Tennessee  B.  Alabama  C.  North Carolina  D.  Maryland

19. Which college has the highest number of Jewish students?  A.  Pittsburgh  B. Binghamton (SUNY)  C. U. of Washington  D. U. of Illinois

20. Which college in the state of Georgia has the lowest number of Jewish students?  A.  U. of Georgia  B.  Georgia Tech  C. Georgia State  D.  West Georgia


Dr. Mark Fisher is a college and career consultant at Fisher Educational Consultants  ( and is a college counselor for Yeshiva Atlanta


(AJT:  You may want to put the answers upside down)

Answers:  1.A   2.C   3.A   4.D   5.C   6.C   7.B   8.C   9. D   10.A   11.D   12.A  13.D  14.A  15.C 16.C  17.B  18.D  19.B  20.D



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