MJCCA Offers Biggest Loser Challenge

MJCCA Offers Biggest Loser Challenge

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The Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta (MJCCA) and The Biggest Loser have partnered in The Biggest Loser Challenge. This program is for adults who would like to make a positive lifestyle change and become fitter and healthier under the coaching of a professional trainer.

MJCCA Biggest Loser participants Nora Brown, Cassie Harrison and Gary Alworth get in the “losing spirit.” PHOTO / MJCCA

As part of this partnership, MJCCA preschool teacher Cassie Harrison has made a commitment to the Biggest Loser program.

“I am participating in the Biggest Loser to take me deeper in my weight loss journey,” Harrison said. “I had recently lost 70-plus pounds by changing my eating habits and enjoying light cardio a couple of days a week. [Now,] I am looking for the Biggest Loser program to help me push myself physically as well as help me control crazy cravings.

“I hope to lose more than 100 pounds in the next year, and I am sure the Biggest Loser program will help me reach my goal!”

From Jan. 8 through March 7, a Biggest Loser Pro will equip participants like Harrison with expert training on proper workout routines, nutrition and weight management. This nine-week program includes two sessions per week. Each session consists of a thirty-minute workout and a fifteen-minute educational session.

The program also includes:

  • Tracking your diet and exercise progress to see how your activity and food habits impact your ability to reach your goals;
  • Assessing your exercise and food habits with the help of a Certified Pro Trainer;
  • Setting personalized goals based on your height and weight, so you won’t be left hungry;
  • Making better food and exercise choices with tons of recipes, meal ideas, exercise demonstrations, and more.

Facilitating the program will be Laura Johnson, MJCCA Sports Performance Coordinator and AFAA Certified as a Biggest Loser Pro (registered at BiggestLoserPro.com).

“The winner of the MJCCA’s Biggest Loser Challenge will be the person who has the largest percentage of pounds lost during the nine-week challenge,” Johnson said. “That person will be honored as the MJCCA’s Biggest Loser, and will receive the grand prize of a two-night stay at the King and Prince Resort on St. Simon’s Island.

“The Biggest Loser program has changed many lives for the better,” she continued. “We have many people who have signed up, ready to make these changes in their eating habits, exercise, and lifestyle.”

Editor’s note: For more information (including program schedule and fees), contact Laura Johnson at (678) 812-4024 or laura.johnson@atlantajcc.org.

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