In the Midst of Home-Buying Season

In the Midst of Home-Buying Season


By Jay Givarz

We are in the midst of home buying season and I am going to give you some secrets to success in this process. Here’s some information no one else will tell you! Whether this is your first home or you are a seasoned home owner, buying a home can be stressful.

Here are a few tips to make home buying easier:

  • Get pre-qualified for your mortgage. Then only spend 75% of what you’re qualified for. Fidelity Bank can pre-qualify you for a home loan at any stage of the house-hunting process, enabling you to have better success when you’re shopping for your new home!
  • Don’t go into debt to furnish your home. Kids don’t care if you spent $20 or $500 on that end-table when they are coloring on it.
  • Make as low of an offer as you can stomach. You can never negotiate downwards.
  • Buy less house than you can afford. You won’t miss the little extra square footage the first time around, but you’ll appreciate being able to save more money toward your next home.
  • Budget for the post-move expenses. You’ll be amazed how much expenses can be right after you move, and no matter how carefully you think you’ve outlined the purchase agreement, you’re going to need to make some extra purchases. Having the money set aside will help you deal with the unexpected. And on the off-chance you don’t spend the money? You’ve got a good start on an emergency fund.
  • Put down as much as possible. Twenty percent is ideal, but the more you can afford to put down, the more you’ll save yourself in the long run.
  • Pay for a high-quality inspector. He or she will be worth the extra money in the long run for what they can save you in extra expenses.

Personally, with many years of experiences, I can provide the perfect home loan for your first home, second, third or fourth.  I work for a wonderful Community Bank, Fidelity Bank Mortgage, with many more custom options than either the very large banks or smaller local lenders. Not only do we offer great loan programs, we are also here to guide you through the process each step of the way. When you are ready to get started, please call me at (678) 522-2343.

Editor’s Note: Jay Givarz, is a senior mortgage banker, and a long standing member of the Atlanta Jewish community. He can be reached at (678) 522-2343 or .

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