A Message From Michael Morris

A Message From Michael Morris

Michael Morris

Welcome to Your New AJT

Welcome to 2015. My name is Michael Morris, and I am the new owner of the Atlanta Jewish Times and the company that publishes it, the Southern Israelite LLC.

The AJT is a community asset. The news it gathers and disseminates is community property and belongs to all of us; I am just its current shepherd. I hope the paper can earn back your trust and become a respected part of the Jewish community. The sharing of news, information and ideas is integral to Jewish life, and your newspaper is prepared to take the steps to fulfill this obligation.

I want to thank Cliff Weiss for his tenure as owner and publisher. He took control of the AJT at a precarious point and retained the integrity of our 90-year tradition. I also want to welcome back as editor Michael Jacobs, who was the AJT managing editor from 2005 to 2008.

The mission of the Atlanta Jewish Times is to provide timely information, an exchange of ideas and a forum for debate in print, on the web and through social media to the geographically dispersed greater Atlanta Jewish community. The AJT is uniquely qualified to accomplish this mission.

Our goal is to provide engaging, interesting, educational and, when necessary, controversial news and opinions about our community to our community. We will cover the multitude of events in which our community engages and individual lifecycle events, as well as news, perspectives and life from the heart of Judaism, Israel.

The AJT is the Atlanta Jewish community’s voice, so we will endeavor to cover a wide range of topics and thought from many Jewish perspectives. Business, current events, politics, education and camps, synagogue life, nonprofit events, Jewish traditions, health and wellness, lifecycle milestones, Israel, historical perspectives, and of course food. We will listen to you, and you will help set our agenda.

We are cognizant of the fact that while we, as Jews, are one, our voices and opinions are not. We want to engage and, more important, be engaged by all segments of our community. ITP and OTP, young singles, families with kids, retired veterans, our scholars and rabbis, children in school, business leaders, entrepreneurs, politicians, Georgians, Israelis, transplants, Reform, Orthodox, secular, and every other Jewish iteration. The Atlanta Jewish Times is your forum. Please approach us often and with passion; our email addresses will be prevalent.

AJT distribution will remain free at hundreds of locations around Atlanta and on the Internet because the information in the newspaper is for the whole community. If you want the convenience of having the paper delivered to your home via U.S. mail or just want to support the dissemination of Jewish news, thought and debate, I ask you to subscribe. You are a vital link to our success.

Thank you. I look forward to serving the greater Atlanta Jewish community, and I hope I have given you cause to look forward to the new Atlanta Jewish Times.

To Subscribe to Home Delivery of the Jewish Times Visit http://atlantajewishtimes.com/subscription/  or Call 404-883-2130 Ext: 117

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