Mensch of the Month for June: Abby Drue

Mensch of the Month for June: Abby Drue


Mensch of the Month -Abby Drue
Mensch of the Month -Abby Drue

Mensch is a Yiddish word that means “a person of integrity.” A mensch is someone who is responsible, has a sense of right and wrong and is the sort of person other people look up to. Abby Drue is that person.

Abby created The Ben Marion Institute For Social Justice, Inc. in honor and memory of her parents, Marion and Ben Drue, the two of whom she regards as authentic advocates of all that is fair and just.

“Justice is a central guiding standard in social life…it shapes how people think about the social world and social relationships,” Abby said. “It is about meaningful social action on each of our parts toward others. It is a key to developing a compassionate world.”

Beyond her professional life, as a volunteer at her synagogue’s pre-K program Abby has created a Parent ‘N Me program in “Mensch-Making” for three- and four-year-olds. The goal is to effect and track behavioral changes in the child.

In my professional life in the nonprofit arena, I have never worked with such a dedicated Executive Director in walking the walk and talking the talk. Abby lives for other people and her commitment to creating a world that allows people to be authentically who they are without prejudgment of who they ought to be.

– As nominated by Irma Starr

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