Lilli Jennison: What Fuels Your Fire?

Lilli Jennison: What Fuels Your Fire?

Lilli Jennison shares what fuels her fire.

What fuels my fire is challenge. A challenge is a task or situation that tests someone’s ability. I’ve always loved a good challenge. When someone tells me I can’t do something, I love to prove them wrong. Many times it is the other way around. People tell me I can do things and I don’t believe them until I test the challenge and find out they were right. 

Currently, my biggest challenge is looking for a home to purchase. It is very discouraging to not be able to find the perfect home, but my biggest challenge to myself is to never settle. Some people say the perfect house doesn’t exist, but that challenge just fuels me to keep looking until I find it. 

My AJT family challenges me weekly to believe I can do more than I think in terms of design. My editor and I work together on the cover every week and she challenges me to go outside the box and “just try” – Kaylene’s famous words to me. Together, we always figure it out and in the process, my design skills get stronger week by week. 

Whether it is my family and friends challenging me to try new things, my editor challenging me to sharpen my design skills, or challenging myself to never settle, I am up for any challenge life throws at me. Ultimately challenges fuel me to be better. 

Lilli Jennison is the creative and media designer of the AJT.

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