Letters to the Editor – Jan. 22, 2016

Letters to the Editor – Jan. 22, 2016

Shame on the AJT

I am appalled at your local news report “Guilty Pleas in Bid Fraud” in the Jan. 15th issue of the Atlanta Jewish Times! I have become used to the New York Times and other press slanting headlines that frequently present Jews and Israel in a bad light while rarely mentioning any other religious group. However, I expected more of a paper that purports to be supportive of our local Jewish community.

In the article you go out of your way (as I would expect from the NYT) to point out that one of the guilty people is Jewish and go further to state that “other Jewish real estate investors have pleaded guilty previously.” This serves no purpose other than to support a negative image of Jews and further anti-Semitism.

Mr. Eisenberg’s religion had nothing to do with his actions, and mention of his Judaism has no place in the report. What religion was Paul Chen, the co-conspirator, and the other people who previously pleaded guilty? If this is of no importance, why was it so necessary to stress wrongdoing by Jewish real estate investors?

— Joseph Balaban, Atlanta


Important Warning on Iran

I wanted to personally thank you for sharing Stephen M. Flatow’s piece “Message to Historians: Some Students Are Terrorists” (Jan. 8).

Mr. Flatow could not have been more accurate in his description of daily life in Israel and how we as Americans take our security for granted. I enjoyed reading the piece and was heartbroken to discover that Alisa Flatow was murdered by an Iranian-sponsored Palestinian attack.

As a Persian Jew myself, I am all too familiar with such stories, which is the main reason why my family and I left Iran for America. There are still so many stories such as Mr. Flatow’s that need to be shared, and the more we share, the greater the amount of awareness we bring.

— Sarah Moosazadeh, Marietta


Beware Pancreatic Cancer

The American Cancer Society recently announced that pancreatic cancer will take more lives than breast cancer this year, making it the third-leading cause of cancer-related death in the United States.

My family and I have been affected by pancreatic cancer; I lost my dad, aunt and grandmother to it. Given this recent news, it’s my responsibility to raise awareness in our community, especially this month, Pancreatic Cancer Clinical Trials Awareness Month. Patients deserve nothing less.

Clinical trials often provide the best treatment options, giving patients early access to cutting-edge treatments that can lead to progress in research, more options and better outcomes.

I volunteer with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, whose Clinical Trial Finder allows patients and caregivers to start a search for clinical trials using the most comprehensive database of pancreatic cancer clinical trials in the country.

Now, more than ever, it’s time patients have options and answers. To learn more, please visit pancan.org.

— Nancy Mader, Newnan

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