Letters to the Editor – Week of 9/2/16

Letters to the Editor – Week of 9/2/16

More OVS Eagle Scouts

As the mother of two of the four current Boy Scouts in Troop 73, I want to thank you for your recent story about Congregation Or VeShalom’s amazing program, headed for many years by Josiah Benator (“Troop Down to 2 Scouts,” Aug. 19).

Your article mentioned we just celebrated a milestone of 50 boys earning the rank of Eagle Scout. It is important to note we will have three more Eagle Scout candidates before the year is out. While most troops rely solely on parent volunteers, Troop 73 is remarkable because of the dedicated and energetic nonparental Scout masters who are fastidious about keeping Scouts on track for advancement while encouraging adventurous hiking and backpacking, as well as old-fashioned summer camp at Woodruff and the legendary Philmont in New Mexico.

This troop offers a great opportunity for both intown and OTP Cub Scouts crossing over and for boys ages 11 and up who are looking to become self-reliant and responsible Scouts in a strong Jewish environment.

Troop 73 meets at OVS, 1681 N. Druid Hills Road in Brookhaven, on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. For more information, contact assistant Scout masters Ed Heller (770-394-1190, ej.heller@comcast.net) or Sam Benator (770-401-8042, iibenator@aol.com).

Alisa Haber, Atlanta


Zaban Park in 1963

I enjoyed reading the excellent article by Logan C. Richie about the history of the Marcus Jewish Community Center’s Zaban Park (“Jewish Center Sprouts From Dunwoody Farmland,” Aug. 26).

I was a counselor there during the summer of 1963. The first half of the summer camp was held at the Peachtree JCC, and the second half, we bused out to Zaban Park. I remember thinking that we were driving out to nowhere. Zaban Park had shelters for the campers, a small temporary administrative building, a swimming pool, a lake, and lots of space for kids to run and play.

It was also the summer when this 21-year-old college graduate from Miami had come to Atlanta to see his girlfriend, Nancy Feldman. The love affair that continued that summer and for the following 53 years has resulted in three wonderful children and seven adored grandchildren.

Who would have imagined that the vision and efforts of Max Kuniansky and Erwin Zaban would produce a place where thousands of Atlantans would have experienced happy memories and that the J and Zaban Park will continue to be there for generations to come?

— Jerry Schwartz, Alpharetta


Clinton Can’t Face Mistakes

I am a 67-year-old person who knows right from wrong. I see the fights of our leaders in America, and we should have an everyday, G-d-given safety for our lives in America.

My husband and I are Christians, and we vote for what G-d wants for this nation and his people. However, we see that Democrat Hillary Clinton cannot see her own mistakes, and she doesn’t care. She should have supervised her own staff in regard to email messages and phone calls that contain top security information. Her character is in question. So we see that she is incapable of supervising the world in regard to the safety of America and our allies.

Our safety inequality in this country is vital. Blacks, whites, Indians and Hispanics, we are all first. G-d blesses our country, which is blessed by the Jews who reside in America. The world looks to us for help, and we will help them, but America comes first.

I was active in the Watts riot in Los Angeles during the 1960s. As a result, a manpower program was created by the Department of Labor. The program trained individuals according to their field of study, and the participants received jobs in their field on completion of their program. We want jobs in the African-American communities and jobs back in America now.

Khaleelah Hunter, Gainesville, president, Noah’s Ark Times

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