Letters to the Editor: Trump Is Like Hitler

Letters to the Editor: Trump Is Like Hitler

Trump Is Like Hitler

In the Dec. 23 edition, David R. Cohen reports Israeli journalist Eldad Beck’s view that there is no comparison between methods to seize power used by Adolph Hitler and Donald J. Trump (“Journalist: No Comparison Between Trump, Hitler”).

Contrary to Beck’s assertion, history shows the methods are the same. Both men employed the classic tools of power-hungry demagogues. They start by addressing disaffected citizens who suffer real or imagined economic and social deprivation. The demagogue convinces these people that their misfortunes are attributable to an easily identifiable minority. According to Hitler, it was the Jews. According to Trump, it is Mexican and other minority immigrants.

The demagogue presents himself as a savior: He and he alone is the answer to the problems of the underclass. At rallies the crowds are stirred to a fever pitch by accusations of dishonesty, disloyalty and mental instability against the opposition. Violence is tacitly encouraged, and crowds are stirred to chanting slogans such as “Lock her up.”

The demagogue threatens, if elected, to incarcerate his opponent for unsubstantiated crimes. The election is described as rigged by the establishment, and the candidate vows that he will not accept the results if he is the loser.

Hitler did all this, and so did Trump. Both were successful.

The demagogues believe they are infallible. If they fail in any respect, they blame others, not themselves, for the results.

Demagogic tactics worked well for Hitler. But their presence in an American election threatens the viability of democracy. A journalist who doesn’t see the similarities between Hitler’s tactics and Trump’s has not read, or understood, the lessons of Nazi Germany. Those of us who perceive the threats must act aggressively to ensure that Trump’s way is an aberration and not the way of the future.

David F. Rock, Sandy Springs

Obama Betrays Maccabees

President Barack Obama gave lip service to the Jews who have fought for freedom and kept to their ideals despite all odds (“Obama’s Farewell to Chanukah Charms,” Dec. 23). But he stood on the side of the evildoers when he failed to tell our U.N. representative to veto the Dec. 23 U.N. resolution that places the onus on Israel for the lack of resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

We are constantly reminded that Israeli communities are built on land that the Palestinians claim for their state.

Never mind that the evacuation of Israeli communities from Gaza did not see the establishment of a mini-state; rather, Gaza became a place where double war crimes are committed (missiles are fired at Israeli population centers from Gazan population centers) and Israeli-supplied cement is diverted from civilian construction to the building of tunnels to facilitate the abduction and murder of Israelis.

Never mind that the Palestinian Authority does not intend to grant citizenship to the descendants of Arabs who fled the Arab-initiated 1948 war against Israel. The PA insists that Israel accept them, even though they have been raised in a society that reserves its highest honors for those who have murdered Jews.

Never mind that Mahmoud Abbas has urged his people to “violently resist the occupation” while refusing to negotiate on several Israeli proposals for the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Never mind that Abbas also insists that the conflict will not end when a peace treaty is signed.

It’s time for the United Nations to stop enabling the intransigence of the Palestinian leaders. Aid to the Palestinians should be conditioned on the building of the infrastructure needed by a viable state in which the “refugees” will become productive citizens willing to live in peace in their own state alongside the nation-state of the Jews.

Might we even dare to suggest that, just as 1.2 million Arabs have full civil rights in Israel, Jews wishing to live on land of religious and historic importance to them should be able to have full civil rights even if that land comes under Palestinian governance?

Toby F. Block, Atlanta

Ask Arabs for Wall Rights

Rabbi David Geffen’s article caught my eye (“What Israelis Face as 2016 Winds Down,” Dec. 23).

While he notes that 60 percent of the military are (according to the poll he quoted) “lefties” and people don’t trust them, etc., Rabbi Geffen also points out that someone philanthropic is generously funding salaries for Reform and Conservative rabbis because the narrow-minded Israeli public is either secular or Orthodox.

Then he goes on to point out how Conservative and Reform Jews are demanding equal rights at the Kotel.

May I point out that the border called the Green Line that is on most every map in the world puts the Old City of Jerusalem and the Western Wall on the Arab side?

So perhaps the Women of the Wall and the Conservative and Reform who all espouse giving away Jerusalem and support the gifting of these areas to Israel’s enemies should go to the appropriate Arab government and ask for equal rights at the wall.

Raanan Isseroff, Brooklyn

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