Letters to the Editor – 4-29-16

Letters to the Editor – 4-29-16

Farewell, Dan

On April 7 my friend and sidekick Dr. Dan Appelrouth died (obituary, April 15). This was unexpected because I saw him the day before and was told he was improving.

Many tributes to Dan poured in. There were over 500 people at his memorial service. My point is that many people who pass away have all the good things said about them, as it should. Very often in life those words don’t match up with our complaints of character, behavior, relationships and petty flaws.

My tribute to Dan is that in life as in death, people say the exact same things about him because he spent his entire life trying to help and please others. If you knew Dan, you’ll agree. If you never met Dan, you missed out on a continuously helping and remarkable friend.

— Mark Rosenhaft, Talking Rock


Keep Giving Haggadot

I was very impressed, reading the paper online erev Pesach in Jerusalem, that you created a beautiful page with images expressing the spirit of the haggadah exhibit at Emory (“Pages Through Time,” April 22). People looking at the cases, discussions going on, a few more images from haggadot — a perfect prelude to the sedarim and chol hamoed.

From afar I can only make suggestions.

First, it would be nice if individuals in Atlanta who have haggadah collections would share that information with M. Patrick Graham, the head of the Pitts Theology Library. Then he and his staff could develop a census of haggadot in the Atlanta area and other locales where the paper is read.

Second, Dr. Graham is preserving haggadot in the Pitts Library’s climatic control areas. So if you have haggadot you no longer want, pass them on to him. They can be preserved, and the donor’s name will be listed.

Third, the haggadah collection at the Pitts Library will grow with the assistance of kind individuals who would like to see available haggadot acquired by the library.

Thanks to everyone who has attended the exhibit, open until June.

— Rabbi David Geffen, Jerusalem 



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