Letters to the Editor: 12/9/16

Letters to the Editor: 12/9/16

Israel Tech Sector Well Established

I enjoyed reading David Cohen’s article “Should Israel Fear Bursting Tech Bubble?” (Nov. 25).

In my view, the headline did a disservice to the article because the tech sector is an established part of the Israeli economy as it is here in the United States.

The three sources provided a much better explanation of what’s going on. It’s less a tech bubble than it is a competition for investment capital.

Companies that don’t get investment — usually those who don’t have an established revenue stream or can deliver one soon — usually don’t get investment. In that case, they often don’t make it.

That’s true in most free-market economies — just a rationing of scarce investment dollars.

— Rich Lapin, Dunwoody
Thankful for Ambulance

Having made aliyah from Atlanta after living there 36 years, where my late husband, Herbert Black, taught in the day school system and was a permanent kosher supervisor for the only kosher winery in the Southeast, I feel congratulations are in order to Laraine and Lowell Fine for their extremely generous donation (“Fines Buy Ambulance,” Dec. 2).

I see the Magen David Adom ambulances traveling the roads, saving lives every day. I hope you will consider moving to this wonderful country, where you will see your work in progress.

With kindest appreciation for your generous donation (ask some of your friends to do the same).

— Verna M. Gartner, Jerusalem

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