Letter to the Editor: Steve Oppenheimer
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Letter to the Editor: Steve Oppenheimer

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Steve Oppenheimer is a former Democratic candidate for the state Public Service Commission who remains active in Democratic politics.

Letter to the editor,

Senator Perdue’s campaign ad incorporating anti-Semitic tropes is hurtful and divisive. Senator Perdue has been a friend to our community and a supporter of a Senate resolution condemning anti-Semitism. Clearly some of his campaign staff members who oversee marketing and his ad agency do not share similar moral standards. Individuals who use anti-Semitism and discrimination to propagate an “us and them” paradigm further divide our country and should be rooted out.

A public apology for the campaign’s errors accompanied with some house cleaning is appropriate. Fixing blame to a now terminated third-party ad agency was an appropriate first step, but it falls far short of creating accountability within his campaign going forward.

Steve Oppenheimer, Atlanta

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