Letter to the Editor: Richard Sherman
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Letter to the Editor: Richard Sherman

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Letter to the Editor,

If Kaylene Ladinsky is honest with her son, she will teach him about the foundational anti-Semitism of Black Lives Matter (“Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter?”).

Not only is its 2016 platform filled with anti-Semitic bile that would have thrilled Julius Streicher and Alfred Rosenberg, but the recent actions of BLM supporters validate its Jew-hating enabling document.

On May 30 in the Fairfax section of Los Angeles, a BLM pogrom vandalized many synagogues and torched many Jewish-identified businesses as the marauders screamed anti-Semitic epithets.

In the first week of July at a formal BLM march through Washington, D.C., the participants in unison screamed anti-Semitic epithets as reported by the Washington media.

These are the anti-Semitic facts about BLM that Ms. Ladinsky should teach her son.

BLM is a perverse combination of the Jew hatred of the Grand Mufti Amin al-Husseini and “fighting against racism.” Perverse indeed.

Richard Sherman, Margate, Fla.

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