Letter to the Editor: Marjorie Epstein
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Letter to the Editor: Marjorie Epstein

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Letter to the editor,

The Chinese Communist Government Has Endangered the United States and the World

If tens of thousands of people have been protesting recently about equal rights, then tens of millions should be out there protesting against China and the pestilence it has imposed on the United States and the world.

China has ruined our lives. Ruined our economy. Ruined our interactions with friends and families. Tens of thousands of people may never again be gainfully employed. Tens of thousands of Americans are dead and dying. Thousands of businesses may never reopen. Travel, cruising, hotels and restaurants are devastated industries. Most may survive, but with tragic economic consequences to millions of lives.

Lectures, discussion groups, adult classes, social events, weddings, church and synagogue gatherings, buffet lunches and picnics, art gallery openings, theatrical performances and concerts have been canceled since March. Social togetherness has been shunned — nonexistent for months.

And what about our millions of schoolchildren who require a teacher-to-student education and socialization with their peers?

Americans wearing masks? Masks are repugnant, alien, unfriendly and ugly. Let me say that again: masks are repugnant, alien, unfriendly and ugly. I’m not questioning their value; I’m voicing my disdain for the Chinese government, which has imposed this humiliation on the American people. No one wants to live this way.

The economic, educational and social streaming of our nation will suffer the consequences of China’s malevolent behavior for years.

For the past several months, I’ve repeatedly heard about two major issues from the press: equal rights, which is certainly an important issue, and the flaming spikes of the coronavirus. With the exception of Lou Dobbs and Maria Bartiromo, I’ve barely heard a word about the Chinese government and the plague it has imposed on the United States and the world, the plague China has levied on each of our lives. Why not?

Why isn’t this an important discussion every hour of every day? Are journalists afraid to speak out against China? Except for Sen. Tom Cotton, why aren’t congressmen speaking out about this issue more often, more vociferously?

What are we to do?
How will the United States respond?
How will the world respond?

Marjorie Epstein, Atlanta

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