Letter to the Editor: Julia Lutch
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Letter to the Editor: Julia Lutch

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Letter to the editor,

Our society witnessed the tragic loss of a Black life when exemplary Black American police Capt. David Dorn was murdered by Black looters and left to die alone on a sidewalk. Our society witnesses the frightening loss of dozens of Black lives every weekend in Chicago. Do these Black lives matter to BLM? Or are these tragic deaths simply not politically useful to BLM?

Was BLM aware of the feelings of others as rioters rampaged through the Jewish epicenter of Los Angeles, committing arson, looting and vandalizing synagogues and Jewish day schools? How does spray-painting “Free Palestine” and “F—- Israel” on a synagogue advance anything good?

We are “white privileged” because we don’t know what it is like to be discriminated against because of our color, but only discriminated against because we are Jewish? Anti-Semitism used to justify itself by claiming that Jews were “Christ killers.” Then Jews were a separate “race” from Europeans and “parasites.”

Now however, “whiteness” is the ultimate form of villainy; Jews are “white people” and thus Jews are part of the newly identified evil of “white privilege.”
“Whiteness” is a racist doctrine. Should we refer to Barack Obama as a “white Black”? If not, why not? Identity politics that erases the individual in favor of groups based on race leads us into a mad realm where hatred boldly asserts itself as virtue.

Let’s not buy into anti-Semitism camouflaged as “social justice” by those who hide behind the Black Lives Matter mantra. White lives and Jewish lives matter too. All lives matter, and no group should manipulatively stir up racial division and use its grievances to justify destruction of our cities and our cultural heritage, the highly admirable parts or the highly regrettable.

While Jews work to repair the world, many in the world work, one way or another, to mask their anti-Semitism and to destroy Jews.

Julia Lutch, Davis, Calif.

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