Letter to the Editor: He’s Our President

Letter to the Editor: He’s Our President

People who didn’t vote for Donald Trump can’t seem to accept the outcome of this past election.

I don’t know where to begin about all the drama-rama that has been going on in this country during the presidential election and afterward. I haven’t seen so much uproar and mean-spirited actions and comments in a long time.

Here’s the deal: Two people ran to try to become the 45th president of the United States. Only one person can win the election, and one person did win, fair and square. The people who didn’t vote for Donald J. Trump and who don’t like him can’t seem to accept the outcome of this election.

Beating people up who voted for Donald Trump, accosting people on airplanes, throwing bricks through windows, setting cars on fire and throwing bricks at the police are unacceptable behavior, no matter what your political views are.

It’s too much when celebrities threaten to blow up the White House and call politicians Nazis and when a female comedian who makes jokes about the Holocaust suggests a coup.

Peaceful protests are OK if a lot of people seem to have a lot of free time on their hands. Shouting vulgarities is not acceptable, and causing a lot of extra chaos at major airports doesn’t solve any problems.

Certainly not all Muslims are terrorists, but it seems that all terrorists are Muslims. Think about that.

Despite what a lot of people think, I don’t believe that President Trump is against any group of people. He is trying to do what our past presidents haven’t been able to accomplish: Stop as much terrorism as he can.

Maybe his first attempt was a little disorganized, but it will get better if people give him a chance.

The Democrats would be so much better off working with the president instead of against him.

Trump may not be the perfect man, but my husband and I think he could be one of the best presidents this country has had in a while.

The press has vilified him and his family from Day 1. Maybe Steve Bannon could have been a bit politer when telling the press to shut up, but he was trying to get his message across.

I had the same thought recently as Rabbi Mark Kunis (“Time for Trump to End the Circus,” Feb. 10): How great is it to have a religious Jewish family in the White House?

I hope this country comes together soon and leaves all the unnecessary hysteria behind.

— Regina A. Kamor, Decatur

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