Letter to the Editor: Helen Sarembock
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Letter to the Editor: Helen Sarembock

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I was horrified to see Warnock being endorsed by your paper and on top of that to put lists of people who agree! This is absolutely shocking and foolish! He is a known anti-Semite and is no friend to Israel and is a supporter of the nefarious movement they call the BLM. The BLM is a dangerous Marxist group who has a manifesto (which they suddenly modified) OMG what is wrong with people! Is everyone so ignorant that they have no idea who they’re voting for!!!!

Honestly, I’m done with your publication – it’s a disgrace! How dare you make your paper into a political platform!

Helen Sarembock, Atlanta

The AJT has not endorsed any politician and is politically unbiased. That 2-page spread you saw is an ad that the Warnock campaign purchased. It is an advertisement. We would never discriminate against any politician who wanted to advertise in our newspaper. That would be wrong. I am sorry that his ad offended you.

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