Letter to the Editor: Ed Ross
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Letter to the Editor: Ed Ross

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I was disheartened to read the opinion letter from a woman in Tifton who spouted misinformation about Jon Ossoff. The part that disheartened me the most was that the Times printed the letter with the false information in it. I like Jon Ossoff. I met him a few times. I couldn’t believe what the woman wrote about him, so I just did a Google search and didn’t have to go far to find out where it came from. And the clarification came from an article written in the Atlanta Journal Constitution by Jim Galloway. It is incredible the amount of misinformation that passes for truth these days. I recommend that everyone see the movie “Social Dilemma.”

We have all of the information in the world at our fingertips, but we only choose to believe the information that we agree with. I don’t know if it’s the job of the Atlanta Jewish Times to weed out misinformation from letters to the editor, but it should be. There is a runoff election coming up, and I’m sure the misinformation will be flying, as it was from Tifton. Please don’t print things that are not true.

Ed Ross, Sandy Springs

This section of the newspaper is meant to be a forum for our community to share thoughts, concerns and opinions as open letters to the community or directly to the newspaper.

As a letter to the editor, we proof for spelling and grammatical errors only. The individual who signs the letter is accountable for what they share. We do not edit nor vet the information that the letter contains.

I have been thinking about this forum and decided not to change our current proof and editing procedures. Although, I believe that it is necessary for the AJT to be clearer about this to our readers. So, we will begin to post a disclosure in this section. Thank you for taking the time to send us your letter.

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