Letter to the Editor: Ed Huber
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Letter to the Editor: Ed Huber

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2000 years and worldly thinkers are still asking “What is truth?” They still say crucify good and turn evil loose. Their way of thinking defies Aristotle and the law of contradiction, which is the way of all reasoning. They conclude that if building “A” is taller than building “B” and “B” is taller than building “C” then “C” must be taller than building “A.” They reason if a man thinks he is a woman, he is a woman. If someone steps on a turtle or eagle egg, they are jailed but if a woman has a baby vacuumed from her womb it is lawful and the taxpayer pays the bill. What is truth?

America just traded a brilliant businessman for a politician. A businessman can be described in one word. Their sole purpose and only function is described by that word…PROFIT. A politician is the exact opposite. As an example, when the first automobile was invented, the horse and buggy industry must have seen the writing on the wall. A politician would have sent the EPA, IRS, FBI and the rest of the alphabet soup to shut down the car factory. (Similar to the XL pipeline project.) A businessman would cancel all restrictions and make sure the factory is successful. How many individuals still use a typewriter, as another example?

Why has America been the greatest nation ever? Have we reached our end? Will we now crucify the good (our Constitution) for evil (socialism, communism)? What is truth?

Ed Huber, Copperhill, Tenn.

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