Letter to the Editor: Dr. Rafael Harpaz
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Letter to the Editor: Dr. Rafael Harpaz

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On our Congressional Delegation During the Most Recent Events in Israel

The choices presented to Georgia voters this past Jan. 5 were starker than any in recent history, and the impacts allowed U.S. domestic and foreign policy to turn 180 degrees. Many Jewish voters could not sanction the views of the Republican candidates or the general direction that the country had been taking these past years. On the other hand, many Jewish voters (and other friends of Israel) were unsure how supportive Democratic candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock would be towards Israel. Much of the resulting angst was reflected in the pages of the AJT. In the end, we voted, balancing the issues, given our underlying values, and with varying degrees of awareness and hope.

It did not take long…

Just months after the elections, Hamas initiated hundreds of unprovoked rocket attacks specifically targeting civilians, now exceeding 4,000. Israel was and is obligated to protect its citizenry, and to do everything in its power to withhold the incentives and means from Hamas for continuing or repeating its belligerency. Yet Congress has not been nearly as supportive as it had been or should be. One would think that its sanctimonious spokespersons would have some humility, given that the U.S., in its own effort to withhold the incentives and means from terrorists 10,000 kilometers [about 6,200 miles] away for repeating its one abhorrent attack on our citizenry, has for 20 years been supporting wars that have been responsible for the collateral deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and Afghani civilians.

Sadly, Democrats – with Ossoff at its helm and Warnock in tow – have attempted to constrain Israel by putting the onus on both sides to lay down their weapons, without calling out Hamas for its terrorism.

Israel needs all the congressional support it can get. Fearing no American pressure, Hamas will only be emboldened and initiate yet more attacks.

In the name of peace, and in support of our sisters and brothers in Israel, *please* do all you can to influence senators Ossoff and Warnock regarding Israel. For those of us who supported their candidacy and voted for them, we have an extra obligation to advocate, write, call, and visit the senators in support of Israel, now and for the duration of their tenure.

Dr. Rafael Harpaz, Atlanta

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