Letter to the Editor: Barbara Cohen
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Letter to the Editor: Barbara Cohen

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Letter to the editor, 

“Perdue Campaign Removes Ad Ossoff Called ‘Anti-Semitic’” (July 28)
It was NOT a Jewish nose …

I saw the supposed “anti-Semitic” nose on Jon Ossoff in the David Perdue political ad. Although the nose was enlarged in the style of “Pinocchio” perhaps, it was NOT AN ANTI-SEMITIC NOSE. Look at the history books on this.

David Perdue’s voting record has always been PRO-ISRAEL. The fact that he immediately took the “nose” ad down, let us know that it was in error. Otherwise, he would have left it up.

This ad was a reminder of the true alliances of Jon Ossoff. In Ossoff’s 2017 campaign, he was linked with Nancy Pelosi as a puppet. He is presently linked with Chuck Schumer as a puppet. Jon Ossoff was recently endorsed by Bernie Sanders, … a declared socialist.

Go back and look at Jon Ossoff’s history and other connections:
He has been endorsed by J Street. Please do not take my word for it but do your own research on J Street. They claim to be pro-Israel, pro-peace. Research will prove all these claims are false. J Street has donated to Ossoff’s campaign and he was their JULY CANDIDATE OF THE MONTH. J Street has consistently welcomed BDS lobbyists to its national convention. J Street supports anti-Israel, pro-BDS candidates.

Also, Ossoff has worked with Al Jazeera through his film company on several occasions (approximately 10 films), the Al Jazeera that is a vocal anti-Semitic and anti-Israel voice.

When Ossoff was running for Congress in 2017, his ads mentioned that he worked as a foreign policy staffer for U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson, the Hank Johnson who is supported by J Street as well. Remember Rep. Johnson compared Jewish Israeli settlers to “termites.” Rep. Johnson’s voting record has been predominantly pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel.

Also, back in 2017, Ossoff’s ad for J Street laid out his ties to Hank Johnson and voiced support FOR the Iran Deal. However, when he advertised his full-page ad in the Jewish Times, he didn’t mention his connection to J Street, his support for the Iran Deal nor his ties to Rep. Johnson. Coincidence?

The socialist arm of the Democratic party is increasingly becoming the most powerful sector in that party and they are openly anti-Semitic. Do your own research. Get the facts. Learn which publications and groups have “caved” to the socialist agenda. OUR FREEDOM DEPENDS ON IT.

Barbara Cohen, New York

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