Letter to the Editor: Ashleigh Ewald
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Letter to the Editor: Ashleigh Ewald

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Letter to the editor,

I want to applaud Dave Schechter for his powerful article about addressing anti-Semitism: July 28, “Perdue Campaign Removes Ad Ossoff called ‘Anti-Semitic’”
The article’s title speaks for itself about what this story will be focused on. I believe that Dave’s writing about addressing anti-Semitism is supposed to get readers acknowledging racism in politics today. With the 2020 election day only three months away, Georgia has become a battleground for the Senate.

As a part of Generation Z, I am motivated more than ever to battle racial injustice and racism that is still alive in America. Politicians have used assumptions and stereotypes to make others feel inferior because of being taught it. Jon Ossoff, a Jewish candidate having his nose “manipulated to enlarge” it, will serve as a reputation of what his opponent’s party has become.

When I was reading this article, I realized that a political party is just a basis of what a candidate runs on but running for office goes deeper than that. For example, I believe that voters should not vote solely based on a political party, but on integrity, leadership, character and empathy. Those are the qualities I look for in a candidate.

In June 2017, I created an iMovie for the Jon Ossoff campaign for U.S. Congress and it was able to exceed over 1,100 views on Facebook. My intention for creating the iMovie was to convince potential voters to elect Jon because of his plans to help affordable healthcare and Georgian families in need. I campaigned for him by drawing posters and attending his rallies. Being a Jon supporter, it was disconcerting to see his beautiful Jewish culture being used against him.

This article was a reminder to pay closer attention to candidates’ character and to never forget the “why” when running for office. Jon Ossoff knows his cause and it is to challenge corruption in Washington, D.C. I remember being 14, enthusiastically telling Jon my aspirations for running for Senate in the future and he thought that was amazing. He inspires me every day.

Jon has always been a politician I look up to because of his character, morals and him as a person.

Thank you, Dave, for shedding more light on anti-Semitism and the different forms it comes in. This article enlightened me to continue striving to achieve my dreams of being a U.S. Senator who will protect human rights from discrimination regardless of gender, race, LGBTQ+ and religion. Hopefully, your article inspires many to take action against hate towards certain communities.

Ashleigh Ewald, Georgia

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