Letter to the Editor: Amy and Jacques Elfersy
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Letter to the Editor: Amy and Jacques Elfersy

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This is a copy of the letter we just sent to Senator Jon Ossoff in Washington, D.C. Jacques is both an Israeli citizen and a veteran of the Israeli Yom Kippur War.

Senator Ossoff, where is your outrage?

As very strong supporters of you, both politically and financially, we are very dismayed and disappointed to have read that you needed your ‘fearful relatives’ in Jerusalem to urge you to act to support Israel in this last conflict! Senator Ossoff, you should have known and understood this situation better, and should have taken a very strong position in the Senate, against Hamas, by introducing a bill to condemn Hamas and its latest provocations. Senator, this is not about a ceasefire! This is about standing with, and unequivocally supporting Israel and condemning Hamas! This is about a designated terrorist group firing sophisticated rockets aimed at Israeli civilians of all ages, for the sole purpose of annihilating them indiscriminately, and without any advance warning! This is not the time to be impartial and ‘wishy-washy’ about this life-and-death matter!! As a Georgia senator and a man of the Jewish faith who says he supports Israel and has close family living there, Senator Ossoff, you should have condemned these barbaric acts of Hamas, and provided moral support to Israel and to its citizens in times of need! Israel needs all supporters, both Democrats and Republicans alike, to stand up to the brutality of Hamas, and to protect the existence of the State of Israel and its citizens!

With deep concern,

Amy and Jacques Elfersy, Druid Hills

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