Letter: Dear President Trump

Letter: Dear President Trump

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Dear President Donald J. Trump,

What we have in common: We are both 70 years of age, and we are both in commercial real estate. I admire you for the empire you created with your tenacity and savvy business acumen. However, I believe that I have something I wish to communicate to you, if you are willing.

Powerful emotions are always justified. Yet it is imperative to express ourselves tactfully, without ever causing distress or hurt to others. You are a strong, smart man with very strong emotions, and I implore you to please keep those strong emotions in check to avoid causing hurt to others personally and professionally and our country as a whole.

You are no longer a private individual. You now belong to the ages as the leader of the free world. Think of what not only your legacy will be, but also how your powerful emotions will affect others.

When you find that your emotions make you want to lash out and tweet and react, please, before commenting, discuss in private with those advisers you so carefully picked. Please put a filter on your thoughts and emotions.

I have learned to not see people as wrong in my personal and business life, even if they are. If you learn to do the aforementioned, you will be not only a great president, but also a great person, which is why we are put on this Earth. The Golden Rule works.

We are both in the autumn of our lives. The only thing we bring with us when we die is our good deeds. When I am upset by a person or situation, I ask myself, “How would G-d want me to react, and what would G-d do?”

Good manners are more powerful than bad words.

Thanks for listening.

— Mira D. Bergen, A Store Is Born, Atlanta

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