Letter: Bigger Than Handel, Ossoff
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Letter: Bigger Than Handel, Ossoff

Voters in the 6th District are deciding on more than one representative in Congress.

Jon Ossoff campaigns in Tucker on Saturday, May 13. (Photo by Daniel Schwartz of the Ossoff campaign)
Jon Ossoff campaigns in Tucker on Saturday, May 13. (Photo by Daniel Schwartz of the Ossoff campaign)

It has been said over and over that the outcome of the 6th District election will send a message far and wide, and I believe, at this very moment more than ever, that message rests in the hands of the community of Jews in Georgia as we go to the polls on June 20.

Sure, we can continue to argue back and forth about specific issues surrounding both candidates.

Karen Handel opposes the ban on assault weapons. She is not pro-choice. And yet, as was argued in a recent opinion piece in the AJT, she is more “pro-Israel” than her opponent, an argument that is so weak as to be laughable.

Jon Ossoff, while a congressional aide on military and counterterrorism programs, worked on defense authorization bills that helped fund the Iron Dome and David’s Sling defense systems, which are essential to protecting Israel from missile and rocket attacks. Ossoff has stated that he is committed to supporting Israel’s security as a homeland for the Jewish people and to strengthening the historical, unbreakable bond between the United States and Israel.

But we are well beyond the time when it’s necessary to make point/counterpoint arguments about the candidates in this election. At this very moment, we need to be united and laser-sharp in our focus because nothing less than the core values of our democracy are at stake.

Whether you identify as red or blue, independent or undecided, it’s safe to say that as Jews we all feel a level of discomfort that every branch of our government is controlled by one party. Adding to the discomfort, at least for me, is the autocratic nature of our president, which is becoming more apparent and more troubling every day.

As Jews, can our consciences allow this type of mono-leadership to continue, or do we want to ensure that a broader voice, a wider representation, is present in Washington?

Our core values as Jews and as Americans are on the line in this election. Each day brings more uncertainty as events unfold and our standards of credible, honest, intelligent and fair leadership are being called into question on the world stage.

We need to vote to send a representative to Washington who will stand for these values, not someone who will simply disappear into the ranks of elected officials already overpopulating our government. I hope the Jewish community in Georgia can be united in this, our most important task, which is our commitment to uphold the legacy of justice, freedom and the rule of law here and throughout the world.

— Caroline Stover, Atlanta

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