Leonard’s Losers: Wrapping up JCC Modified Fastpitch

Leonard’s Losers: Wrapping up JCC Modified Fastpitch

By Leonard Postosties

Well, hello again my dear, good friends, it’s your old friend and pal, Leonard Postosties, and his faithful buddy, Percy Peabody, itching to bring you the latest results of Sunday Morning, and now Thursday Evening Mayhem, Crying, and Lying, otherwise known as the MJCCA Modified-Fast Pitch Softball League.

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Hello My Favorite Sports people!!

Well, bust my buttons!!  Percy and me can’t believe the season is over- Over? Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor, well it ain’t over til we say it’s over!!!

The 2016 Fall JCC Modified Fastpitch All Stars
The 2016 Fall JCC Modified Fastpitch All Stars

Anyway, since we ain’t got no more softball until next March, guess Perce and I’ll have to head south to the Chapultepec Mexican League, based in Sanora , to last us until next Spring.

But that all being  said, Percy and me hopes you and your families had a great Thanksgiving holiday and you don’t look too much like hogs being taken to slaughter after eatin all weekend.

Speakin of slaughter, it may have been just one point, but it was like being slaughtered just the same, with my Hounds over there in Athens takin it on the chin to those pesky bees from North Avenue.

Now back to the matter at hand!

Yessir, the MJCCA softball wrap-up was full of surprises all over the place. First, we had wiley, old veteran captain and pitcher, Jody Blanke (well, he ain’t quite as old as them-ther other two-three pitchers) hanging up the spikes after a stellar 35 year career.

By now, you all know that Rookie Captain and Pitcher Rob Scheinman and his Band of Merry Men slugged and clubbed their way to the Post-Season Tournament Championship, dispatching teams like they was summer gnats on a hot, muggy August night. So, a hearty congrats to all of you located in Sherwood Forest.

And as you know, the All-Star game had more twists and turns than that their Autobahn, located over there across the big pond!!

After the smoke cleared from the past three months, the regular season Post-Tournament featured the three Division winning teams of Ken Danis and his Dangerfield Dollies, Jody Blanke and his Band of Brothers, and Jeff Mironov and his Motown Millies + wild-card Justin Katz and his Kosher Kittens.

Round One saw the Millies upset No. 1 seed Blanke and his Brothers, while the Kittens easily dispatched the Dollies, to set up a title game rematch of an earlier regular season game between the Kosher Kittens and Motown Millies.

In a hard-fought contest that was a one-run, nail-biter going into the last inning, the Kittens put on a last-inning “scratchin affair” to send the Millies packing back to their Detroit neighborhoods.

And there you have it in a nutshell. FALL 2016

It was another successful Modified season with its usual up and downs, surprises, standard arguments, and “useless”complaining, along with the usual strains, sprains, and pulls, but no major, sending ending injuries, although that ther young fella Tarica, came close trying to do his best imitation of Greg Louganis, off a five-meter board!!

Before me and Percy hits the road, we want to send out congratulations on a job well-done to y’alls League Commissioner, Josh Tolchin, who from what Perce and me have been told, has the patience of a Saint.

Everyone have a great off season with your loved ones and keep the “sunny-side up”!!

Your ol friend and pal,


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