Leonard’s Losers: JCC Modified Fastpitch Week 8

Leonard’s Losers: JCC Modified Fastpitch Week 8

By Leonard Postosties

Well, hello again my dear, good friends, it’s your old friend and pal, Leonard Postosties, and his faithful buddy, Percy Peabody, itching to bring you the latest results of Sunday Morning, and now Thursday Evening Mayhem, Crying, and Lying, otherwise known as the MJCCA Modified-Fast Pitch Softball League.

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Afore I begin, I furgot to mention in last week‘s column, Coach Rob Scheinman and his Band of Merry Men were vacationing in exotic Perry, Georgia, taken in all the festivities of the Fall Peach Blossom Weekend. Word has it that the head coach beat out 17 locals in an apple bobbin contest, which didn’t endear him and his boys to the locals. Good thing my cousin Elbert is the local Sheriff of Perry, or y’alls league might be short one team!!

OK, let’s get on down to Week No. 8’s excitin games, which began Thursday night, October 13.

Finding themselves in a virtual tie for 1st place in their Division, Katz’s Kosher Kittens kept up their winning ways, with a good, ole, fashion thumpin of Wikoff’s Boys of Summer, that reminded me of my hero and friend, General George S. Custer, when he ventured a little too far from the fort, and ended up at the Little Big Horn. Unfortunately, he’s not my friend no more!!

And, whatever the Kittens had on their scratchin post, musta been contaigious, cause Ken Danis and his Dangerfield Dollies put a hurtin on Rob Scheinman and his Band of Merry Men, the likes of which, ain’t been seen since George McGovern ran for president. Unfortunately, at that time, most of you were either in diapers and breast feeding, or were just a gleam in your Pappy’s and Momma’s eyes.

The Sunday Morning Sunrise Games saw Blanke’s Band of Brothers right their ship, and cruised on by Scheinman’s Band of Merry Men to stay in a tie for 1st place in their division. Next door, Mironov’s Motown Millies popped Kornheiser’s Kernels and climbed into first place in their Division, just ahead of the Kernels.

The afternoon S.R.O. crowd, (again, for you that didn’t get no schoolin), S.R.O., means Standin Room Only, and no, you cant find S.R.O. at Rooms to Go!!!

Katz’s Kosher Kittens meowed their way past Abramson’s Green Mountain Apples in a one-run game to stay tied with Blanke and his Band of Brothers in their Division.

But good granny, I pray!!!


The boys from Capitol Hill are no longer winless!!!

Dead last in their Division Yes- but, no longer winless!!

Down two runs, heading into the last inning, the Senators put on a rally that even Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton would be proud to be a part of!!

Wikoff’s Boys of Summer, rallied in the bottom of last inning with the tying run at the plate, but being the old, wily veteran on the mound, Benator was able to get one of his patented  ground-ball outs to end the game that set off a celebration almost as big as Geronimo’s at the Little Big Horn!

Uh, oh. You know what? Yep, it’s that time again. Percy and me gots to head on down to Grady Memorial, to see our dear friend Kirby Smart, who has been vacationing there since Saturday in one of those special, padded rooms!

So, until next time. Y’all be good and keep the Sunny Side up.

See Ya,


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