Leonard’s Losers: JCC Modified Fastpitch Week 4

Leonard’s Losers: JCC Modified Fastpitch Week 4

By Leonard Postosties

Well, hello my dear, good friends, it’s your old friend and pal, Leonard Postosties, and his faithful buddy, Percy Peabody, itching to bring you the latest results of Sunday Morning Mayhem, Crying, and Lying, otherwise known as the MJCCA Modified-Fast Pitch Softball League.

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Before I get any further to talking to you about those games on Thursday, I got to hand it to them guys over there at the MJCCA on Tilly Mill Road. They put their money where their mouth was and got you guys one of the purtiest, dang playgrounds, I’ve ever seen this side of the Mississippi, and during my years, I dun seen a lot of gooduns and a lot of baduns!!

Ok, let’s get on down to bizness and talk about your first Thursday night games, that gave Thursday football a run for its money.

On Field 4, Captain Justin Katz and his group of Kosher Kittens returned from their Sabbatical in the Catskills, looking early on more like fat cats that had too much strudel in their off week, than the lean, Kosher Kittens they are, as Mironov’s Motown Millies jumped out to a quick 6-2 lead, and seemed like they were on cruise control.

However, you know about them cats, they got nine lives, and slowly but surely, Katz and his felines, began slowly clawing their way back into the game, helped by some dubious fielding by the Millies, and some clutch hitting by the MJCCA’s answer to the Atlanta Braves Creature Bleacher, Dwain Creach, as the Kittens prevailed 7-6.

Next door in a Battle of Unbeatens, Jody Blanke’s and his Band of Brothers just keep on rolling, like Old Man River, as they put a good, sized hurtin on Captain Josh Wikoff and his Boys of Summer, sending them home for an early shower. Apparently, Wikoff and his Boys celebrated too hard and too long last week, after dispatching Benator’s Senators.

Meanwhile, Blanke continued his season-long effective pitching, and was led by veterans Robert Tourial (3-4), who has so far has defied medical history and has stayed off the IR, Steve Forman (3-4), and David Weidenbaum (4-4), who for some reason, people kept calling him “Weeds” throughout the game!

Now, Percy and me, we don’t know much ado about weeds, cept the kind you roll (but that’s more Percy than me). All we know is everybody sittin in the stands and in the dugout, were calling this David guy, Weeds, who was a might bit skinny, but faster than a jack rabbit being chased by a pack of hungry, hounds!!!

Now, me and Percy (Hilda never showed up), we ain’t friends with too many lawyers, but after the games while we was drinking RC Colas and chewin down on some mighty, good Moon Pies at the 7-11, just down from the Fields, we saw Captains Wikoff and Mironov looking through what folks used to call the Yellow Pages. Percy and me heard em talking about them trying to find a lawyer to sue for “lack of support”.

So there you have it – “Thursday on the Tilly”.

Meanwhile, Sunday’s Sunrise Services saw the rest of the gang gather on the Tilly like it was a bunch of piranha looking for Gene Benator and his Capitol Hill Senators, and from what people told Percy and me, that’s  like a Sunday ritual.

On Field 4, Captain Rob Scheinman’s Band of Merry Men did battle with Captain Mike Kornheiser’s Corncobs, while just a foul ball away on Field 5, Capt. Adam Abramson’s Green Mountain Apples, squared off against Josh Wikoff’s Boys of Summer, who were hoping to bounce back from their Thursday night battle at the “Little Big Horn”.

Both games went back and forth like four ol mules playing tug of war. Butt, before anyone could walk out smiling and bragging about going to get “cold one”, the good Lord decided enough was enough with all this hot weather we been gettin, and he decided to cool everyone off with a much needed rainfall!

While Percy and I wer sitting there in the stands, we heard people talkin about how good the fields were holding up under all the water, but it was just way too much, and the men in Blue finally said “Ball Games postponed”!!

So, in addition to those Sunrise players who by now looked like a bunch of younguns at a Sunday picnic playing under the sprinkler, over in the corner trying to stay dry and hopin to play in the second game, were Captains Benator and his Capitol Hill Senators, Katz and his Kosher Kittens, Danis and his Dangerfield Dollies, and Mironov and his Motown Millies. But alas, tis was not to be as the rains kept a coming. Pretty dadgum disappointin as you guys are fun to watch!

Uh, Oh!!   Yup, it’s that time. Percy just popped me on the back of the head and said “time’s up” and we gots to go. He said Hilda’s got some fresh strawberry jam on the table, homemade biscuits in the oven, buttered grits simmering on the stove, ten eggs ready for cracking from Zelda, the best egg-laying hen this side of the Hooch, thick-sliced bacon in the skillet, and all the sweet tea a man could ask for on a Sunday afternoon!

So until next time, this is your ol pal and friend Leonard Postosties and his pal and sidekick Percy Peabody, saying y’all stay well and keep the Sunny-Side up!!!!!


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