Leonard’s Losers: JCC Modified Fastpitch Week 2

Leonard’s Losers: JCC Modified Fastpitch Week 2

By Leonard Postosties

Well, hello my dear, good friends, it’s your old friend and pal Leonard Postosties, and his faithful buddy, Percy Peabody, itching to bring you the latest results of Sunday Morning Mayhem, Crying, and Lying, otherwise known as the MJCCA Modified-Fast Pitch Softball League.

Yessir, Week No.2 was full of “surprizes”, as well, as the usual mishagosh that goes with your league.

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First off, congratulations to them,there two rookie Captains Rob Scheinman and Adam Abramson, who led their group of boys to stunning victories (only because them is Rookies Captains, and they ain’t yet learnt all the ins and outs of cheating to win a game!!), but as my old Pappy use to say, “a win is a win”, and it don’t matter how old you be or how young you are!!!

Ok now, let’s get on down to the particulars.

If the first game on Field 4, Jeff “Shmear” Mironov and his Motown Millies, ran into Rookie Captain Rob Steinman’s Band of Merry Men, who were determined not to return to Sherwood Forest  0-2. In a close game that went back and forth, like a see-saw turned sideways, The Merry Men prevailed in a close one 9-7, sending the Millies back to the Motor City looking for Smokey Robinson and some much, needed hits. B’nai Torah Reaches Softball Semis 1

Looks like Scheinman, the Rookie Captain, is “startin” to get the hang of pitching with the League’s Big Boys.

Meanwhile, over there on Field 5, in the early game, Retiring Pitcher and Captain Jody Blanke and his Band of Brothers, won another close one to go 2-0, defeating Captain Justin Katz and his Kosher Kittens by three runs. While Blanke’s win was a combination of timely hitting and good defense, including a sliding catch by veteran Doug Harnack on his derriere (for those of you who went to Ga. Tech or a similar-type school, that’s French for Butt). The Kittens were led by veteran catcher Adam (Sas) Saslow, who popped a two-out, base-loaded triple to keep the Kittens close, and make the game interesting.

After the early birds finished up and headed on home to gobble down some bagels, cream cheese, lox, and home fries, the morning mayhem continued with Captain Michael (Korns) Kornheiser and his Corncobs trying to break into the win column.

However, as we all know, sometimes the best laid plans of mice and men, often go astray. In a close game that went down to the last out, in the last inning, in the Cobs last at-bat, Rookie Captain Adam Abramson and his Adam’s Apples, held em off, unlike Custer at the Little Big Horn.

The Cobs fought back against Rookie Pitcher Howard (“His”)Holness with one of them, there “three-run dingers” from “Mad” Max Gertz , that brought the Cobs within one run. However, the Apples hung on, and “His” Holness got the game’s final out with the tying run perched on second, looking for home.

And last, but not least, Percy and me got to watch Captain Ken Danis and his Dangerfield Dollies, square off against Captain Gene Benator and his Capitol Hill Senators, who were making their Fall Season debut.

In what was no-doubt, a preview of a future old-timers game, Bruce (“Goose”) Beck, who last year became eligible for them-there social-security checks, faced off against the achy-brakey, wobbly kneed, Benator, whose has been collecting them checks for several years now.

In what we folks down south call “something akin to a slow roasting fire”, the Dollies hung close, and rallied with five runs in the bottom of the sixth to win 6-3, that included a pair of what you folks call “opposite-field inside-the-parkers” by Justin Katz and Jared Sobelson, who both ran the bases as if a nasty, hungry, south Georgia wild boar was tracking em down for a late brunch!!!!

Good Granny, I pray!!!!  Percy just popped me on the shoulder and said time’s up and we gots to go!!

So until next time, this is your old, friend and pal Leonard Postosties and his faithful sidekick and statistician Percy Peabody, saying “so long, have a great Labor Day Weekend, and keep the Sunny-Side Up”!!!!!

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