Was “Lefty” Jewish? – The Sheriff of Mars

Was “Lefty” Jewish? – The Sheriff of Mars


Discover Lost Jewish Americana Singer/Songwriter Daniel Antopolsky (“The Sheriff”), as We Expose Hidden Outlaw Country Lore and Realize It’s Never Too Late to Reach for The Stars.

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American and British filmmakers, Jason Ressler and Matthew Woolf, are pleased to announce the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to fund completion of a documentary about one of the most unique figures in Country and Folk music. “The Sheriff of Mars” explores the incredible story of 66-year old Augusta,
Georgia native Daniel’s hidden musical life on a farm in Bordeaux, France, and charts his return to Nashville to record some of over 500 never before heard songs.

Director/Producer Jason Ressler says, “The Sheriff is shy about his music, and it was only after a year of knowing him that I heard him play. But I grew up around the music business and immediately understood I’d discovered someone special. I’d not only found a piece of lost history, but also a treasure trove of unrecorded music by a true artist”. Jason reached out to Nashville based Grammy nominated producer Gary Gold, who loved the songs and wanted to make an album. Jason then asked Matthew Woolf to partner in making what has shaped up to be an extraordinary tale of struggle and redemption.

“When I heard about Daniel’s youthful travels with Townes Van Zandt at the time “Pancho and Lefty” was written, I was hooked.” says Director/Producer Matthew Woolf, “It was only as we were filming that we started seeing evidence that convinced me Daniel was “Lefty”.

Daniel is a known mystery to all Townes’ fans. He’s the “Daniel” Townes describes as a “flower child” on his album “Live at the Old Quarter, Houston, Texas”. Less well known is that Daniel saved Townes’ life after a heroin overdose and the resulting impact on them and their music: Townes became an icon and continued on a self-destructive path; Daniel chose a life of family and musical solitude. The Directors have explored this in depth, filming Daniel’s fascinating artistic process in making his album, interviewing key figures, and uncovering rare footage and unheard audio of Townes Van Zandt and others.

The funds raised on Kickstarter will help complete production on “The Sheriff of Mars” and provide unique rewards to backers, including the opportunity to be the first to receive the complete album with exclusive bonus acoustic tracks. As Daniel – “The Sheriff of Mars” -himself says “I’ve been playing my music in a room the size of a telephone booth all these years in France…” The filmmakers want you to help him change out of those farm clothes and into his Martian lawman uniform as his music takes people with him on a trip out of this world.


Documenting the story of the ultimate flower child, all grown up but still playing the music in his heart, “The Sheriff” will enthrall you with his Southern charm and musical talent. Co-directors Jason Ressler and Matthew Woolf will take you on a voyage through Nashville’s 1970’s Outlaw Country music scene to a French farm where audiences consist mainly of the chickens Daniel sings to.

Matthew Woolf, renowned Director of Photography with a career spanning the Atlantic, and Jason Ressler, the brains behind Sid Bernstein Presents, have been working together for over a decade.  They were the last film crew to interview legendary singer James Brown, and they both have an immense passion for music and the stories behind it. The road not taken intrigues them, which is what made them jump at the chance to tell Daniel’s story. “The Sheriff of Mars” will show it’s never too late to reach for the stars.

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