Lecture to Examine Poland’s Role in Holocaust
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Lecture to Examine Poland’s Role in Holocaust

Princeton's Jan Gross wants the nation to acknowledge its mass murder of Jews in World War II.

Jan Gross is speaking March 27 at Emory.
Jan Gross is speaking March 27 at Emory.

An emeritus Princeton University history professor plans to argue during a lecture at Emory University that Poland must accept and understand its role in the Holocaust as a central part of its national history.

Speaker Jan Gross, whose 2001 book, “Neighbors,” exposes the massacre of Jews in the village of Jedwabne as being carried out by Poles instead of Germans, has been threatened with prosecution in Poland.

Poland recently enacted a law that makes it illegal to blame the country or its citizens for atrocities committed during the Holocaust. The law has raised concerns that Poland is trying to rewrite history to hide the Polish role in the mass murder of Jews.

Gross’ topic — “In the Aftermath of Neighbors: Were the Killings of Jews by Polish Peasants a Norm or an Exception?” — takes on that Polish law.

The Tam Institute for Jewish Studies is sponsoring the lecture at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 27, in the presentation room at Emory’s Oxford Road Building, 1390 Oxford Road. The free lecture, with a reception to follow, is open to the public.

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