Warming The Body and The Soul

Warming The Body and The Soul



Cohen Home resident Rose Dubrow shares her new blanket with Executive Director Melissa Hyatt

Many volunteers have helped make 2013 special for residents of The William Breman Jewish Home and The Cohen Home, both Jewish Home Life Communities.


Over 80 volunteer knitters and crochet-ers of The Knitting Project were no exception. These caring members of the community crafted hand-made blankets, presented as gifts on Jan. 2 and Jan. 8. At afternoon gatherings at each facility, residents were treated to music and refreshments, and invited to choose their own blanket, each a beautiful color and unique pattern.


Sara Dinberg and Shirley Golden of The Cohen Home were delighted with their choices.


“I have pink pajamas with hearts and the blanket I got matches them!” Dinberg exclaimed, “It made me feel special to think these volunteers took the time to make a blanket for every one of us at The Cohen Home.”


Golden also expressed her delight, remarking, “I am always overwhelmed at how wonderful and how thoughtful the community is. I feel the love. What can be better for us than seeing and feeling how much people care?”


Carole Bernson and Selma Kutner of The William Breman Jewish Home were also touched by the spirit of the project.


Kutner shared, “Having a blanket from the community makes a huge difference in how we feel and function every day that we live here.”


Bernson added, “Thank you from all of us and please tell the people who made the blankets how grateful we are!”


Michelle Jordan, Director of Recreation Therapy at The William Breman Jewish Home shared, “Just about every resident in the building is proudly wearing, or using, his or her blanket. Some have them draped around their shoulders and others have them over their laps. It’s so great to see! “


Volunteers made 115 blankets this year. This year was extra special, thanks to support and sponsorship from Peach State Stitchers, a chapter of the Pomegranate Guild of Judaic Needlework.


Peach State Stitchers participated not only in making blankets, but in attending a kick-off “Knit-In” event and in handing out the blankets.


Jackie Granath, President of Peach State Stitchers, remarked, “It was a heartwarming experience to take a moment and witness the real excitement and joy at both gatherings. It was really a pleasure to be part of this special community project. It’s a win-win!”


The Knitting Project is a community of volunteers who knit or crochet handmade items for members of our community.


In previous years, The Knitting Project made over 250 scarves to give to the staff and care givers at The William Breman Jewish Home, Aviv Rehabilitation Center, The Cohen Home, Zaban Tower and Weinstein Hospice. The Knitting Project is very excited about the future community projects they have in store for next year.




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