Kfar Silver Nurtures Youths Making Aliyah

Kfar Silver Nurtures Youths Making Aliyah

Atlanta delegates received an opportunity to learn about agriculture while visiting a World ORT school.

Sarah Moosazadeh

Sarah Moosazadeh is a staff writer for the Atlanta Jewish Times.

A student plants vegetables in the main garden.
A student plants vegetables in the main garden.

Kfar Silver is the latest addition to World ORT Kadima Mada youth villages in Israel.

The boarding school serves multicultural students who have made aliyah independent of their families.

ORT America Next Gen Mission participants visiting the campus heard students’ stories of aliyah and the impact of Kfar Silver.

Among the many activities are agricultural initiatives designed to help the students and the community. When they enter ninth grade, students have the option of entering the agricultural leadership program, which provides hands-on experience in cultivating soil, planting seeds and preparing meals with vegetables the students grow.

The agricultural department was added with the vision of creating an eco-village to produce food and energy. Everything is organic, and the produce winds up in meals served at the dining hall.

Photos by: Sarah Moosazadeh, Tony Gorkiewicz and Mike Amerikaner


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