Keith’s Corner Barb-B-Que Donates Its Meats

Keith’s Corner Barb-B-Que Donates Its Meats

When catering gigs canceled, owner decided to feed those in need in kosher community.

Keith Marks and David Schakett slicing briskets for delivery to those in need.
Keith Marks and David Schakett slicing briskets for delivery to those in need.

Pulling from his experience feeding victims of natural disasters around the country, Keith Marks of Keith’s Corner Barb-B-Que is donating his kosher meats to the elderly, sick and those in financial distress who observe kashrut.

“We had a full calendar from March and April ‘til early June that all canceled, three months of work and everything else was put on hold.”

The kosher caterer realized he had two options for the food he had in his freezer for the events: package and sell it as take-out or donate it to those who need it.

“This food was prepared for catering events. I decided this is an opportunity for our team to prepare meals and help those who can’t get out during the day, who can’t be around other people. This is how we are going to spend our time and energy, getting our product out to the Jewish community in need.”

Half-pound portions of sliced brisket is cryovaced and Jason Adler, the mashgiach for Atlanta Kosher Commission approves and signs each package.

Kosher products have also been in short supply like other items, making it more difficult for those who have made kashrut a lifetime commitment. “What happened was the shelves of grocery stores, … panic [set in] and people took anything they could get their hands on. That [kosher] supply went quickly.”

On Wednesday, Marks and two others on his team, David Schakett and Jason Adler, an Atlanta Kosher Commission mashgiach or kosher inspector, cryovaced brisket, hamburgers and barbecue pulled beef. Each package has enough for two meals: two 6-ounce hamburger patties, one-half pound each of the other two meats, Marks said.

The catering team delivered the packages Wednesday to families in Norcross and Sandy Springs, identifying the recipients through area synagogues. Keith’s Corner Bar-B-Que will also donate to Yad L’Yad in Toco Hills, which helps needy Jewish families.

“I could have packaged it to sell takeout, but that would not have made me feel good. This makes me feel good, to help those in desperate need. I have been very fortunate in my life and have been able to give back. I am ready and willing to continue to give back at this time.”

Marks knows what it’s like to feed those in need in times of national crisis. He has been a volunteer with Operation BBQ Relief for several years and donated food through the organization in 2016 to feed those affected by a devastating hurricane in Lumberton, N.C. It followed the Atlanta Kosher Barbecue Festival, which he helped start, so there was a lot of food to donate, he said.

If you or someone you know qualifies for the meat delivery (elderly, sick, or in financial distress and observing kashrut) contact the caterer at keithscornerbbq, or 404-250-1BBQ (1227).

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