Jews Making News: Rossum, Pink

Jews Making News: Rossum, Pink


Emmy Rossum
Emmy Rossum

Emmy Rossum Hosts Charity Event

Dressing up for a worthy cause, actress-singer Emmy Rossum hosted the 10th-annual Jeffrey Fashion Cares New York fundraiser. The show, a sister-event of the original Atlanta fundraiser, raked in $811,735 towards those affected by HIV/AIDS and various LGBT causes.

Rossum, best known for her work as Christine in the 2004 film adaptation of “Phantom of the Opera,” is currently starring on the Showtime series “Shameless.”

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She also just released her sophomore album, “Sentimental Journey” in January; this follows her 2007 debut, a collection of standards entitled “Inside Out.”

Rossum began her career at the age of 7 as a part of the Metropolitan Opera Children’s Chorus. She was raised in New York City her Jewish single mother, Cheryl Rossum, and is named after her great-grandfather, Emanuel.

Pink Makes a Point at Recent Concert

More than 2 million people have watched on YouTube the clip of pop singer Pink’s heroics.


During a recent concert in her home state of Pennsylvania, the artist surprised fans by stopping mid-song to help an audience member clearly in distress.

Taking notice of a visibly upset young girl, Pink quickly got to the bottom of the matter: She had been frightened by an overly heated altercation between two older women nearby. The singer reprimanded the offenders, then stepped off-stage to hand the girl a stuffed animal.

The act was commendable, but a couple million views of a short cell phone video is nothing compared with Pink’s commercial success – her music videos’ hit counts are 50 million-plus on average. What’s more, she recently celebrated the rise of her new single “Just Give Me a Reason” to no. 1 on the Billboard charts by graciously tweeting a “thank you” to her fans for helping to reach the goal.

Born Alecia Beth Moore to a Jewish mother and a Catholic father, Pink in her teen years relocated to Atlanta with her family for a stint with the short-lived all-girl R&B group Choice.


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