Jews Making News: Handler, ‘Archie’

Jews Making News: Handler, ‘Archie’


Chelsea Handler
Chelsea Handler

Handler’s Family Ballyhoo

Chelsea Handler made the news this week when tabloids dubbed her comedian Russell Brand’s “future mother-in-law.” Brand has reportedly been courting none other than the daughter of Andre Balazs – Handler’s boyfriend. Even stranger is that, at 38, Brand and Handler are the same age.

Still, it would seem Handler’s schedule is too full for concerning herself with Brand or maybe-marriages. She most recently emceed for BookExpo America, the country’s largest book and publishing trade show. For the Book and Author Breakfast, Handler threw in some of her signature humor – jokes about sex, drugs and waking up before noon.

She also announced the latest book to be released from her publishing imprint, Borderline Amazing/A Chelsea Handler Book, which is an off-shoot of sorts from her publisher Hachette’s Grand Central.

Before becoming the second woman in TV history to host her own late-night show, Handler grew up as the youngest of six in Livingston, N.J. The family was raised in Reform Judaism, taking after her father’s side. At the age of 19, she moved to Los Angeles and shortly thereafter entered the stand-up scene.

Archie on the Big Screen

To all the kids who read the Archie comics past bedtime under the sheets with a flashlight (I know you’re out there…I was one of them), it’s time to rejoice: Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead are coming to the big screen.

That’s right – Warner Brothers Pictures announced in early June that a movie about the famous Riverdale gang is currently in the works. Warner Bros is partnering up with “Glee” writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and “Pitch Perfect” director Jason Moore to bring the comic characters to life.

Archie Comics was founded by Jewish editor and publisher John L. Goldwater. Archie and friends first hit the stands in 1942, and there have since been many animated spinoffs, including NBC’s television film “Archie to Riverdale and Back Again” in 1990.

Today, Goldwater’s son, Jon Goldwater, is CEO of the ubiquitous series. In the past few years, his main focus was to “get publishing up and running together.”

“But it was always on my mind to get an Archie movie made, without a doubt,” Goldwater told Comic Book Resources. “That was absolutely a goal of mine when I came in.”

Goldwater has big plans for the franchise. Next month, the Archie video game will debut. Also, look out for an Archie makeup line with MAC cosmetics coming out next February.


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