Jews Making News: Bartha and Segel

Jews Making News: Bartha and Segel

Justin Bartha Back on the Stage with ‘The Sunshine Boys’

Justin Bartha
Justin Bartha

In a last minute turn of events, “The Hangover” and “The New Normal” star Justin Bartha will be replacing David Krumholtz, of Numb3rs fame, in a Broadway production of “The Sunshine Boys.”

Bartha will be playing catch up for the Sept. 24 preview performance, working alongside Danny DeVito and Judd Hirsch in the comedy production.

“Sunshine” isn’t Bartha’s first foray onto the stage. He’s also appeared in the revival of “Lend Me a Tenor,” Zach Braff’s “All New People” and Jesse Eisenberg’s “Asuncion”.

Bartha, 34, also made news this year after getting engaged to his girlfriend, Lia Smith, back in May. When he’s not planning for a wedding or attending rehearsals, the actor will be gearing up for the release of “CBGB,” a film about the iconic New York club’s early years and rise of such acts as The Ramones.

“CBGB” features a large ensemble cast, including British actors Rupert Grint and Alan Rickman.

Bartha was raised in a Reform Jewish home. His family moved from Fort Lauderdale, Fla. to West Bloomfield, Mich. where he grew up. After high school, Bartha studied acting at New York University.

Although he briefly piloted a show for MTV, Bartha got his big break in “National Treasure” alongside Nicolas Cage.


Jason Segel, Cast of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Saying Goodbye

Nine seasons and roughly 10 years later, Jason Segel and the rest of the cast are finally saying goodbye to TV’s “How I Met Your Mother.”

The final season premieres Sept. 23 on CBS and stars Segel, as well as Neil Patrick Harris, Alyson Hannigan, Josh Radnor and Cobie Smulders. But Segel fans don’t need to worry about losing touch with the star; he might be making a quick return.

The show’s executive producer has already hinted at the potential for a “relationship-themed” spinoff. With Segel’s schedule, it might be a longshot, but he and Hannigan’s character (Marshall and Lily) are in the running.

Although there may be talk of returning to “Mother,” change seems to be in the air for Segel, now many pounds lighter and newly single after his breakup with actress Michelle Williams.

He’s also reportedly moved on from his beloved “Muppets” film, the rebooted franchise which he starred in, wrote for and produced in 2011. A “Muppets” sequel – the trailer was just released – doesn’t include him.

Born to Alvin Segel and Jillian Jordan, Segel was raised as a Jew. He was Bar Mitzvah’ed as well as attended Hebrew school in Pacific Palisades, Calif. Segel has an older half-brother and a younger sister.





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